Devin Booker’s New Converse Chuck 70s Feature Arizona-Inspired License Plate

Devin Booker has added his own unique twist to the classic Converse Chuck 70 shoe for his collaborative design with Converse. 

The neutral-toned Converse Chuck 70 mirrors the fashion style Booker has put on display during his time in the NBA. 

“It goes with everything I wear,” says Booker in his unboxing video. “I’m just always comfortable with it. You can really do anything with this. You can paint it; you can bleach it. That’s the goal with everything I do: Clean, classic and timeless.” 

The ivory-color shoe is composed of an undyed canvas, creating a subtle reference to Arizona, while also adding a minimalist look. This gives buyers the option to wear the shoes  as is or add a personal design.  

The nod to Booker’s adopted home of the Grand Canyon State can be found on the rubber heel of the shoe with an Arizona license plate paying homage to his love of classic cars, more specifically the infamous 1959 Chevy Impala nicknamed Pretty Penny. 

“The license plate on the back, paying homage to my first classic car that I got,” says Booker. “Great nod to my first Converse with my first car.”

The license plate on the back heel reads: “Arizona 75 classic car A1N” and “Grand Canyon State.”

Booker typically wears Chucks walking into basketball arenas and now gets to show off his own design. 

“The silhouette of the Chuck is my favorite part about it,” says Booker, regarding his custom design. “Took the toe cap off, embroider-stitched the logo.”

Booker debuted the shoe on his walk down the tunnel on April 9 before the Suns’ final regular season home game against the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Converse released a 30-second film directed by Jaimie Sanchez on April 12 along with the launch of the shoe that was “inspired by (Booker’s) Mexican-American heritage, the Phoenix desert, classic cars and his timeless style.”

The Phoenix Suns star’s shoe was available for purchase starting April 12 on the Converse website for $95 and sold out quite soon. The kicks also sold out at Foot Locker immediately following the shoe’s release a day later.  

Converse has not released a statement about restocking the Booker’s Chuck 70s for retail purchase.

Photos: Converse

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