The Iconic Puffer Jacket by Alp N Rock

When choosing outwear for the upcoming colder months, Alp N Rock’s Fall / Winter Collection of jackets is a MUST!

In particular, the puffer jacket is an iconic style that has acquired cult status in recent years and somehow lands itself just as seamlessly on the runway as it does in the East Village or the great outdoors.

Versatile and eclectic, it’s one of the few fashion staples where the fan base spans the gamut.

Duvet Coats: Our collection of long puffer jackets combines technical expertise with serious style.
Fitted Puffer Jackets: Practical and comfortable, this wardrobe staple has had a high-fashion makeover with fur accents and bold colors.

What sets Alp N Rock apart, you ask?

  • Alp N Rock’s luxury puffer jackets are not only ethically produced and expertly crafted but also come in a variety of styles ranging from the trending duvet coat to a fitted and sporty silhouette. 
  • All the more noteworthy, Alp N Rock garments are put through rigorous quality tests which assure that each piece will maintain its gold standard level of quality over time. 
  • As a visionary heritage brand, every stitch and patch is constructed with the highest quality materials, a true testament to the brand’s superior craftsmanship. 

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