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So maybe I am a little late on the take here, maybe the thought would have never even occurred to me since I have never had a deficiency in this area, but I had no idea that these little fakers were actually catching on. Have you heard of Booty Pop? These little things are curve enhancing underwear with two little pads to round out your assets. Apparently flat tushed girls are jumping on the bandwagon in droves to get a J Lo-esque curvature without the surgery.

Personally I can’t say that a tightly wrap mircofiber undie sounds like something I would want to do during the hot AZ summer but I can see that for anyone who is under-endowed this could be the answer to your prayers…sort of.
Judging from the insane press this product has received on every major morning show and online website it’s flying off the shelves in drones. For more info

Of course if you have issues of another sort below the belt you might want to try Camelflague The latest fashion faux pas fixer that people are going nuts over. These aren’t your ordinary panty, they were specifically designed to smooth out your feminine parts under tight clothing. Yoga and exercise pants, leggings, tight shorts and skinny jeans can often reveal more than you want them too so these little babies help avoid the issue. Dubbed “visual privacy” undergarments they come in two styles regular ( which is a thong like style) and brief which is a full coverage panty.

For more camelflage

And recently one of my favorite undergarment makers, the peeps at Spanx have launched a few new collections of shapewear that are sure to be a well kept secret in most women’s wardrobes. The latest pieces have upped the anti in the war against giggle and VPL. Skinny Britches, Simplicity and In Power Line are the latest bulge hiding creations. Skinny Britches are sheer shapewear pieces that come in three layering styles and eleven “fun” colors. They are made of super sheer lightweight fabric that can be layered depending on the level of compression that you desire. Wear one to slim, two to shape and three to transform. The laser cut legs and non- binding seams are sure to be a huge hit for anyone that needs some secret smoothing.

Simplicity and In Power Line are both chic shapers that offer powerful compression, available in girl shorts and biker length both are seamless and look more elegant than the original Spanx. In Power Line is the stronger squeeze of the two and comes in six of the best selling Spanx varieties from short to long, from the waist height to the full torso.

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