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I could barely wait to get to my keyboard this morning. What a glorious week of juicy fashion delights! Not only did my long lost favorite 60 minutes of reality tele Project Runway make it’s debut last night on the Lifetime network, but viewers were given the sweet 2 hour treat called Project Runway All Stars. 8 previous fan favorites returned to compete for a prize of $100k. Their challenge- create a mini collection of three looks, one of the looks being a red carpet number for the Premier of Nicole Kidman’s new movie Nine. If you didn’t catch it last night I won’t be the “spoiler alert” of your day… suffice it to say…delectable!

Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia
Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia

Then it was on to the bonafide season of PR… hello new egomaniac contestants! I didn’t realize just how much I missed Heidi, Tim and the gang until I saw them again in full technicolor.


I am putting my early bets on Christopher, Ra’Mon, Shirin and Carol Hannah. And don’t miss former Phoenix girl (and one time AFM model) Tanisha Harper.

Tanisha Harper
Tanisha Harper

So we simply must chat about this as the season progresses… let me know who your favs are and why!

In case you didn’t know about the shorts- heard- round- the- world, Michelle Obama was in town earlier this week and practically the entire kingdom is up in arms over her less- than -First Lady-ish attire while spending a day with the O’clan at the Grand Canyon.

Lifestyles Michelle Obama Shorts

Now, I am going to throw caution to the wind here ( and I am sure readers will have much to say)…call me old school but I want my leaders and role models to look better than I do whilst on a grocery run. So much has already been said about Ms Michelle’s sense of style and believe me dears, I hate to throw stones here, but for me, the issue wasn’t the choice to don shorts but rather the lack of sophistication in the particular outfit. A zillion years ago I read an interview with Cheryl Tiegs and she recalled her first meeting with the actress and 70’s style icon Ali McGraw,. The two were meeting for a casual lunch so Tiegs (the 70’s-80’s original super model) showed up looking super relaxed in old jeans, a tee and tennis shoes, while Ms McGraw arrived wearing white pencil pants, a fitted blouse belted with a thick leather belt and wedge sandals….Tiegs confessed that she felt like a schlub and realized that it would not have taken her any more time to put on pieces that looked pulled together and chic than it did to throw on the clothes she ultimately wore. This sage advice has always stuck in my mind and I quadruple that sentiment when you know that a bank of photogs are present!. To me, somehow Air Force 1 and casual Fridays (or Sundays as the case may be) just don’t mix well. I bet the First Lady would have looked smashing and press corp ready had she done a little ensemble like one of these.

Outfit by Ann Taylor
Outfit by Ann Taylor
Outfit by J Crew
Outfit by J Crew

  1. Diane, did you see the “Models of the Runway” PR spinoff immediately after the premiere? They’re documenting the behind-the-scenes model stuff!

  2. i disagree- Michelle Obama is a mom first, and moms have to wear running shoes sometimes. she is making her kids feel comfortable, which is most important to her, i suspect.

  3. I watched the project runway all-stars – so good! but for some reason, i am never accurate in my top picks. my fashion sense sucks.

  4. This blog title should have mention the Obama family was in AZ, I didn’t know. I have mixed feelings. I definitely think it’s fine for the first lady to wear shorts. I think I am actually OK with the outfit in general. Holly is right – she’s a mom first. And it’s hot hear! I love fashion and I agree our leaders need to be presentable “even at the grocery store” but that’s what everybody else wears to the Grand Canyon!

  5. I so missed the premiere of Project Runway, I will have to catch up on it with snip-its from their Web site.

  6. I’ve never been a proj runway fan, but have recently
    been getting into the spin off runway show. I think this season I’ll be a follower.

  7. Project Runway New Season i heard from a friend who was to be on teh show all about designer jeans and designer jeans are so popular and designer jeans are really run by a few designer jean companies based in California. When i think of where to buy designer jeans in Scottsdale I struggle. Where do you buy designer jeans in Scootsdale other than teh department stores like Dillards, Saks or Neimans. Most all the designer jeans small stores all went out of business. I love designer jeans where should i go?

    1. There are several places around the valley to buy designer jeans. Amy, inc. Moody Blues, Estilo, Boulevard 48 Lindsay Lou, the choices are endless!

  8. Talking about jeans i agree where can I go to get a good pair of jeans and what is the best style for fall. Is this trur project runway is all about jeans this season?

  9. Ahhhh I’m so excited for this season! I watched the All-Star challenge but have the season premiere on Tivo, I’m going to watch it right now!

  10. Slouch – that is what I will use to describe M.O. and her attire. As a desert mom working and running around 24/7 in this desert heat day in and day out, I don’t see how hard it is to put something together a few steps above her ensemble. How easy is it? Try an hour at REI. You can hike Grand Canyon and still look presentable as the First Lady. I agree – I want our leaders to give a little extra in the public limelight. If you choose not to…don’t take on the responsibilities of a role model. This just reinforces that less-than-casual look the majority of the country is adopting in public.

  11. I think Michelle looked put together and comfortable…she’s was going to the Grand Canyon after all. And her legs looked awesome!

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