Game Changer Hit the Stands: Q&A with Travis Hearn


Sitting crossed legged across an accented red couch with pen in hand, and family photos adorning the walls just above him, Travis Hearn works tirelessly with more than a few projects in hand. His most recent and now completed project - which was complied for what seemed like tireless and endless months - just hit the shelves. You can say that his final project is nothing but a ‘game changer.’ Hearn, senior-pastor of Scottsdale’s Impact Church, first book, Game Changer, was just published and released. We had a chance to sit down with the humble-spoken author for a little Q&A session on the process of writing his first book.


1.What is your book’s title and what is the general idea behind it?

“The books name is Game Changer. Its tagline: The defining moment that takes you from trial to triumph. It’s basically a 14-chapter, 200-page book that is simply about how moments can literally redirect change from bad to good - from valley’s to mountain tops. It’s the game changing principles of life that provide hope. It’s a book of belief. It’s a book of personal illustrations and stories; the most game changing moments in life. To put it simply, Game Changer is a book of hope- it’s a book for those that are going through valleys. I want people to always know, the valley is not the finale. We all need a little shot of adrenaline into the soul.”

2.Why did you decide to write a book, and why this topic?

“I was encouraged by friends that I should write a book. Some of that was coupled with the success and national attention that Impact Church was receiving because of its rapid growth. I didn’t grow up in church, and I didn’t become a Christian until my senior year of high school, I’m not what you would expect in a pastor. Those friends of mine thought that I should tell that unorthodox story. At first I kind of thought: ‘why would I write a book? I don’t have anything to write about that anyone would want to read about.’ Those thoughts were completely real. That’s just how I felt at the time. The more people started asking me about writing a book, the more I kept thinking ‘why not?’ I really had to get there mentally.

The stories are real. They’re very raw. They’re transparent. They’re extremely emotional. I think that a majority of society can relate to that. I think that when people read a book like that they’ll think ‘HOLY COW’ I can’t believe this guy is a pastor.

Game Changer made sense. It has a little hint towards an athlete feel. It’s not a book for athletes. It’s a book for people that are maybe in a situation that could use little help and a little pick me up. It’s not a self-help book, it’s a book how God has literally time, and time again transformed dire scenarios – losses into victories.

3.How do you feel that Game Changer will impact readers?

“I think that the book impacts the reader by providing hope. With the things that they discover ad learn from my life by reading the book, I think that the average everyday person will say ‘maybe that can happen for me too.’ There are a few things that we all have in common: everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants affection, and everyone wants hope. If you don’t have hope, what do you have? Some of the emptiest people that I know have everything you could possibly imagine. Some of the people that don’t have anything are the most fulfilled people that I’ve ever been around. The reader receives hope, faith, courage, and maybe a rekindled dream.

4.What has been your favorite part of writing Game Changer?

“Remembering the miracles throughout my life. Remembering the ‘impossibles’ that became ‘possibles’ throughout my life. Getting to remember those beautiful moments when something crazy amazing happens in your life - those breakthrough and unbelievably amazing moments - like marrying my wife, the birth of my children, and the refinancing of this church. It was those breakthrough and chilling moments of my life that I was able to reference in the book that I don’t always think about in an everyday moment. Reliving those memories was my favorite part of writing the book. As time gets away, it’s easy to forget them.

5.What did you learn about yourself throughout the time you wrote the book?

“I learned that I could write a book an in an extremely untraditional way. One of the “giants,’ if you will, for me in my life, would be living with an incredibly frustrating neck condition. Since 1998 I’ve been writing every sermon of mine standing up or in excruciating pain. I mention this “giant” of mine in a chapter of the book. I had a dear friend help me with the deskwork and typing with the book. The biggest thing that I learned when writing a book it goes back to the good old saying, ‘if there’s a will than there’s a way.’ Stay driven and diligent and it will wind up coming together.”

6.What are your hopes about the future with this book after it’s published?

“To be honest, my hopes, expectations, or goals for the book are very small. I hope that it makes an impact to somebody somewhere. Period. If it was one person, it was worth EVERY ounce of energy. I don’t care if it looses money or if it’s not world famous. It just needs to impact someone, somewhere.”

To buy Game Changer, click here.



Valley Fitness Pro Releases Book

jeremy scott

Phoenix fitness professional, Jeremy Scott of Jeremy Scott Fitness, has released a book this summer: "Make Success Mandatory: Discovering Your Gift & Giving It Back To The World."

In this easy-to-follow guide, Scott helps you search inside yourself for your true passion, your true calling, your true gift so you can give it back to the world. This book is about making a better life not just for yourself, but also for everyone around you, because that’s what real success is. Scott helps you go far beyond just making success mandatory, he helps you put and keep your life in perspective. This book is about living life on your own terms and writing your own success story. Leaving fear, anger, and regret in the past, all while finding absolute success and happiness along the way.

The book is currently available on amazon.com.



SUNGUN Airbrush Tanning Giving Away Free Tans At Newest Location


The Valley’s premiere spray tanning salon, SUNGUN Airbrush Tanning, officially opened their doors for business today at their newest location in Tempe Marketplace.Conveniently located between European Wax Center and 7 Day Nails patrons can stop in today, Friday August 29, until 7:30p for a free tan.

SUNGUN Airbrush Tanning was born out of the passion of its founders to deliver the perfect airbrush spray tan at an affordable price. SUNGUN proudly boasts some of the most talented and educated airbrush tanning artists are in the industry who receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on latest trends and new products.

With over 16 years of combined airbrush tanning experience, and brand partners like St Tropez and Norvell, they deliver a glowing tan that customers know only comes from a SUNGUN airbrush spray tan service. Visit SUNGUN Airbrush Tanning for more information.

Call to Book 480-361-8011 or click here to book online!





Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy Opens on High Street

tj miller

You want to laugh? Well, there is a new Phoenix spot to do just that. Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy opens on High Street Sept. 4. Comedian T.J. Miller, who currently stars in HBO’s "Silicon Valley" and co-stars in "Transformers 4" will be bringing the funny opening weekend.

The House of Comedy is scheduled to showcase some of the tour’s top acts, like Harland Williams and Brent Morin.

“We will be showcasing the biggest, best and brightest stars in stand-up comedy whose credits include appearances on Fallon, Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, Last Comic Standing, SNL, Mad TV, Comedy Central and other popular shows,” says Tammy MacPherson, CFO and House of Comedy booker. 

Owner, comedian and former Travel Channel host Rick Bronson says, “We are thrilled to be opening on High Street, undoubtedly the North Valley’s next great entertainment, dining and party district. With tenants like Toby Keith’s - I Love This Bar & Grill, Blue Martini, Kona Grill - and many more soon to come, High Street reminds me of some of America’s coolest streets. It won’t be long before High Street rivals famed areas such as San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, South Beach’s Lincoln Road Mall and Austin’s 6th Street.”  

The adjoining Heckler Lounge offers up unique cocktails and dining delights like the Canadian-inspired delicacy, poutine. It features waffle-cut fries covered in cheese curds and smothered in a hot beef gravy. The State Fare (a share platter featuring state fair cuisine) features mac n cheese bites, mini corn dogs, deep-fried cheese curds, corn on the cob, buffalo bites and mini donuts. The menu features a plethora of fabulous flatbreads, brilliant burgers, signature salads and absolutely appealing appetizers. www.houseofcomedy.net.


Record-Breaking Home Sale in Northern Arizona


Yesterday afternoon, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty closed what is now the highest residential sale ever recorded in Northern Arizona (including Sedona and Flagstaff). The sale closed for $4.5 million. Check it out: 51 Moonlight Drive, Sedona.

Agent Ed Pennington, who was the top producing agent in all of Sedona for 2013, represented both the buyer and seller in this transaction. “In this particular transaction, this is without a doubt the happiest buyer and seller combination, I’ve ever represented,” says Pennington.  “I was representing the seller and then it struck me that I had a client in Tucson who this home might be a good fit for.   Within an hour of looking at the home, we had a signed contract.”

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