What Your Food Preferences Say about Your Romantic Life

Whether you’re a sweet tooth or an adventurous foodie, the types of food you prefer may indicate some interesting things about your romantic life. Written alongside quirky pictorial illustrations by Paul Coker, legendary food critic Mimi Sheraton enumerates how the way people eat reflects their love lives in her 1962 book, The Seducer’s Cookbook.


For instance, Sheraton writes:

“You can learn a lot about a person from the way he or she eats — about the extent of his physical appetites and the way they are satisfied. There are those who will try anything offered to them, no matter how new or exotic, while others refuse to accept any but the most familiar fare — obviously not the adventurous type to new experiences.”



An illustration by Paul Coker from the book, The Seducer’s Cookbook.

Sprinkled with interesting and sometimes amusing anecdotes, Sheraton goes on to say that you can get a good idea for someone’s personality just based on simple food preferences like whole-wheat toast or a liking for some extra whipped cream:

“If a woman consistently orders sickeningly sweet, overelaborate whipped-cream desserts, she may be given to equally sticky goodbyes, and a man who overeats on one course and then has to pass up the rest of the meal doesn’t know how to pace himself and could be a problem later in the evening. And should you find yourself with a girl who orders a pastrami sandwich on whole-wheat toast with lettuce and Russian dressing (a meal I actually heard someone order in a New York delicatessen), you’d best be off before the waiter returns with the check.”

Sheraton ultimately says that the natural necessities to eat and love are one and the same – both with intimate personal preferences that are uniquely instinctual:

“The urge to eat and the urge to procreate are basic, natural and deliciously intertwined … and certainly no other method of seduction is as healthful or nourishing. No matter what else may go wrong, at least you’ve had a good meal.”

Source: Brain Pickings

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