Ask the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Repta: Speedy Recovery and Preparation

Dr. Remus Repta, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Scottsdale, answers the questions thatyou, the public, have submitted. Dr. Repta and Arizona Foothills Magazine are excited to help bridge the void between the curious public and the expert for safe, informative, and real answers.

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Q.) What steps can I take to ensure a speedy recovery from my plastic surgeries. I am worried about it taking possibly longer than expected. Are there any tricks that you can suggest for it?

A.) The best steps that can be taken to help speed up recovery is following your plastic surgeons instructions.  Since each patient and each surgery is different the instructions provided for recovery will be different.  Arnica can help with bruising and Bromelain can help the body heal faster as well.  In general, you will want to treat your body well with plenty of fluids and proper rest in addition to following your plastic surgeons advice.

Q.) How do I prepare for breast augmentation surgery?

A.) The best way to prepare for breast augmentation surgery will be to know what you want to accomplish and to communicate this clearly to your plastic surgeon.  Choosing the right type and size of implant to accomplish your breast augmentation goal will be some of the best ways to prepare for a successful surgery.  A few other items that you may want to consider is the importance of not smoking and avoiding medications and supplements that can cause bleeding.

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