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Dr. Remus Repta, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Scottsdale, answers the questions that you, the public, have submitted. Dr. Repta and Arizona Foothills Magazine are excited to help bridge the void between the curious public and the expert for safe, informative, and real answers.

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Q: Is fat transfer a one time procedure or something I need to maintain with multiple transfers? 

A:  Great question. Fat transfer is the process of removing fat through liposuction from an area that has too much fat and injecting the fat into an area that would benefit from additional volume. Common areas for fat transfer include the face, breasts, buttocks, hips, and hands, although it could be placed just about anywhere. Fat transfer is permanent which means that once the results have stabilized additional fat transfer does not need to be done to maintain the results. Weight loss after the procedure will result in a decrease of the amount of fat, but gaining the weight back will return the results to where they were previously.

Q: Who do you recommend is best to get a Brazilian butt lift?

A:  Any patient that has a desire to increase the size and projection of their buttocks and have some excess fat somewhere on their body is a good candidate. Patients that are very thin obviously may not have enough fat to make the procedure worthwhile and patients that have lost a lot of weight may have loose skin that needs to be corrected separately by a formal body lift or buttock lift using an incision.

Q: Can you hurt yourself lifting weights after getting a butt lift? Can I still workout to maintain the shape of my butt or do I have to make sure that I leave it that way?

A: Exercise will not hurt the fat transfer in any way. If you do lose weight or your percentage of body fat goes down the fat cells that were transferred will decrease in the size and amount of fat that they contain. The fat cells do not go away however, and when your weight or percentage of body fat returns so will the fat transferred fat cells.

Q: What age is the best for someone to get a butt lift?

A: There is no wrong or right time for someone to get buttock shaping surgery. I would recommend that the patient be at a stable weight and health. Anyone younger than eighteen would likely not be a good candidate since both the body and mind are still in the process of development at that point.

Q: What is the difference between a butt lift and a Brazilian butt lift?

A: Great question and one that is asked frequently as the two terms can be confusing. A Brazilian buttock lift is the same as buttock fat transfer. A buttock lift is actually the removal of skin and tissue above the buttock to lift the buttock. The two terms sound very similar but are actually quite different.

Q: Will a butt lift help cellulite?

A:  A traditional buttock lift where tissue is removed can improve some forms of cellulite. The cellulite that forms from skin sagging and pulling on the underlying ligaments will be helped by a traditional buttock lift. Buttock fat grafting can be used to improve other forms of cellulite and can be combined with a traditional buttock lift if looses skin is also present.

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