Do It Yourself: Crafty Outdoor Halloween Decorations

With Halloween less than a week away, make your doorstep one to remember with these craftily creepy do-it-yourself outdoor Halloween decorations!

Zombie Pumpkins
A creepy twist on the classic carved pumpkin. Create your own googly-eyed monsters with a few easy steps!

Tools & How-to:
Miniature saw
Small pumpkin (For a petrifying pale complexion, look for a white pumpkin)
Plastic eyeballs
Thumbtack or pin

Step 1: For the eyes, hold saw at an angle and cut 2 cone-shaped holes into the pumpkin. The diameter of the holes should be slightly smaller than the eyeballs’ diameter.
Step 2: Print mouth template. Lay template on pumpkin, and poke tack through, all along outline, to transfer design. Cut along that outline with saw, and remove excess flesh.
Step 3: Wedge eyeballs into holes.

2. Wriggling Snake Wreath
Hang this jet-black wreath wriggling on the front door to make your guests’ entrances memorably creepy.
Tools & How-to:
Black acrylic paint
Vinyl snakes,
Floral wire, 20-gauge,
Black water-based spray paint, in Shock Black by Montana Gold,
18-inch grapevine wreath,

Step 1: Paint grapevine wreath using water-based spray paint; let dry.
Step 2: Paint vinyl snakes in assorted shapes and sizes using acrylic paint; let dry.
Step 3: Attach snakes to wreath: For flat snakes, twist floral wire around in 2 places, thread wire into wreath, and secure at back. Coiled snakes can simply be wrapped around wreath.
3. Spooky Birds in Windows
Set an ominous scene with these monstrous birds, who greet visitors in the form of silhouettes (drawn and cut from black plastic weed barrier). The otherworldly light comes from green bulbs pointed at the windows inside each room.


Tools & How-to:
Panel of white muslin or polyester, cut to fit window
Black plastic weed barrier
White chalk
Fabric glue
Bird templates

Step 1: Hem fabric panel and sew channel in top for a curtain rod, if desired (or you can simply tack the furnished panel into your window frame).
Step 2: Use the bird templates to create one of our silhouettes: Enlarge the templates so you can see the details of the pattern clearly. Determine how wide you want the image in inches; divide that width by the number of squares in the template’s width. That number is the size you should make each box in the grid. Use a straightedge and chalk to draw the grid on plastic weed barrier (available at garden centers). Then draw the figure freehand with chalk, copying each portion of the image square by square.
Tip: Semi-sheer fabric makes a good backdrop for the birds.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Funkins
This glow-in-the-dark craft is a perfect way to decorate your house, porch, and windows with glowing pumpkins for Halloween.

Tools & How-to:
Funkin (foam pumpkin)
2-inch-wide vinyl tape
Spray adhesive
Box (large enough to fit funkin)
Glow-in-the-dark powder
Cookie sheet
Fluorescent black light

Step 1: Cut strips of 2-inch-wide vinyl tape; place strips of tape down on a nonstick surface. Draw face on tape and cut out to create a face sticker. Stick face on pumpkin.
Step 2: Place pumpkin in box; coat with spray adhesive. Remove pumpkin from box and place on cookie sheet. Put glow-in-the-dark powder all over pumpkin. Let dry for about 10 minutes. Repeat the process once more.
Step 3: Spray clear coat of krylon on pumpkin. Let dry for 20 minutes. Peel off sticker face. Add fluorescent black light next to pumpkin to intensify the glow.

5. Owl Night Watchers
Make a pair of wide-eyed owls using our template and card stock to guard your front door. To make their perches, you need only a few bare branches from a crafts store or your own yard.

Tools & How-to:
Night Watchers Template
Black card stock or poster board
Masking tape
Wooden paint stirrers (one for each owl)
Use a photocopier to enlarge the owl template to desired size. Cut out and trace onto black card stock or poster board (flip template for second owl to make a symmetrical pair). Cut out owl shapes, including eyes. tape a paint stirrer to the back of each owl; tape owls to windows on either side of door.



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