Seasons 52

Eating healthy while dining out isn’t always easy. Big greasy burgers, heaps of French fries and rich, chocolaty dessert often tempt our taste buds. However, Seasons 52, which recently opened its doors at Phoenix’s Biltmore Fashion Park, gives diners the opportunity to eat healthfully and eat deliciously. You see, everything on the Seasons 52 menu is 475 calories or less. Seasons 52 doesn’t just allot four or five menu items for those wanting nutritional fare–it devotes its entire menu to it. (And it’s tasty, to boot.)
For starts, Seasons 52’s flatbreads are a  must. The spicy chipotle shrimp flatbread with grilled pineapple, Feta cheese and roasted poblano peppers is a favorite. The sweet pineapple is a yummy contrast to the spicy peppers, and the cracker-thin dough won’t stuff you before your entree arrives. And though it may sound like a bore, the plate of seasonal veggies (during this visit, the plate featured beets, baby carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, sweet peas and onions) is positively delicious. You forget your getting your daily intake of the good stuff. The kicker of the veggie dish, though, is the ponzu tofu and the almond tabbouleh. I was tempted to order a side order of tabbouleh to take home.
The eat-well theme doesn’t stop when the dessert menu begins. Seasons 52 offers a selection of mini indulgences–itty bitty desserts serves in a shot glass. Flavors range from carrot cake to key lime pie to rocky road to pecan pie and many more, including a few seasonal selections. Though there certainly is nothing healthy about the mini indulgences, it is a lesson in portion control–it’s up to you if you order more than one.

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