San Tan Flat Saloon & Grill

I promise that I am not purposefully trying to tell you about far-off restaurants this week. But I had a really fun experience last weekend that I just needed to share, especially since the weekend is now upon us. Some friends and I drove out to Queen Creek’s western-inspired San Tan Flat Saloon & Grill to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday evening. He wanted to try something a little different and, let me tell you, this place was truly different. San Tan flat was happening (think of a more family-friendly version of Scottsdale’s Greasewood Flat). The outdoor area was decked out in rustic picnic tables, fire pits dotted the property and country music filled the air (and a band was scheduled to take the stage later that evening). Now, I am not a country music-lovin’, barbecue-grubbin’ kind of gal, but this was such a fun change. My friends and I pulled up to a picnic table and ordered burgers, fries and a really delicious salmon salad and plenty of beers to go around. However, the best part was the dessert: we ordered a s’mores kit, complete with plump marshmallows, chocolate bars (more than we needed, which was a plus) and graham crackers. We took turns gathering around the fire pits and smushing our burnt marshmallows into sweet sandwiches. So, moral of the story: If you are looking for a unique spot to enjoy this delectable weather we’ve been having, maybe a trip to San Tan Flat Saloon & Grill–yes, in Queen Creek–might be in the cards. 6185 W. Hunt Highway, Queen Creek, 480.882.2995.

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  • Karla says:

    After visiting plenty of Scottsdale night spots that all sound and look the same (with the same crowd, I might add), this might be a fun change. I love country music and this seems like a great place if you wanna be casual and have fun at the same time. Plus, those s’mores are a great idea, I’d go just for that!

  • JGreen says:

    Think Grease Wood Flats but in the Southeast Valley and with a few more menu options. Live a mere 5 miles from here and glad to say so. It is a great little spot for a group to meet, sit outside on the picnic benches and build a fire and let the kids roast marshmallows for desert even! If you like country music, I lean more towards rock-n-roll, you’ll enjoy the entertainment immensely. And there’s even a dance floor and people have actually danced on as long as the dance police are not paying attention (some what of an inside joke for Queen Creekers such as myself).
    I highly recommend this locale especially if you have a large group getting together (and a few are from out of town). And their rib-eye is delicious!

  • Marla says:

    Thanks for the tip Melissa! We are in East Mesa so it’s great to hear of a fun place. Especially a good kid place since my sister is always concerned about places being ‘kid-friendly’!

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