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When it comes time to indulge, no one wants a puny salad to sink their fork into. When it comes times to indulge, a juicy burger towering with gourmet ingredients is much more appealing, as is the case at Indulge Burgers & More in Scottsdale, near Scottsdale and Shea Roads. Instead of heading straight into the indulgent stuff, let’s start with Indulge’s black bean veggie burger. The patty is chock-full of black beans and rice and deliciously flavorful–not cardboardy like many other veggie burgers.
For something a little more decadent, the build-your-own burgers are a great option, as Indulge offers a variety of meats (beef, turkey, buffalo and more), buns (brioche, wheat, etc.), cheeses (everything from feta to gruyere), sauces (cranberry chutney, peanut sauce, etc.) and toppings (carrot strings, grilled onions and much more). We decided on a beef burger topped with red bell peppers, jalapenos and the amazing apricot chiptole sauce. The sweet and spicy combo made this burger a winner, as did the wonderfully juicy, mouthwatering beef patty. And the buttery brioche roll certainly didn’t hurt.
Because it is impossible to have a burger without a side of fries, try out Indulge’s sweet potato fries for a true treat. Though delicious by themselves, these spuds are uh-mazing after being dunked in the accompanying cinnamon marshmallow sauce. Even though I am usually a sweet potato purist (the veggie is so yummy, why deck it out with brown sugar, nuts or mallows?), just a hint of this sauce was absolutely divine on the fries.
To end a meal at Indulge, a shake is in order. Indulge has a menu or a dozen (or so) possible shake options. The peanut butter variety is a favorite, thanks to the milkshake’s creamy texture and the little bits of peanut butter that linger. It’s all about indulging, right?

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