Flights and Bites at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Wine Gallery

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In September, savor Flights and Bites at Lawrence Dunham Vineyards Wine Gallery in Downtown Scottsdale as food truck chefs pair four bites with four wines. The event is open house-style between 5:30 and 8 p.m. Each Flights and Bites is $25 plus tax and gratuity, with reservations recommended by calling 480.664.4822.

Sept. 10 – Chef Josefina of Triple Dot Food Truck

Josefina was born a world traveler, her story starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina but shortly, after a quick eight years she moved with her parents and grandparents to Mexico City. It was in this beautiful metropolitan city that Josefina’s love of food and cooking started to grow, and thanks to her grandfather’s enormous collection of Bon Appetite Magazines, Josefina was able to feed this love and grow it into a deep passion. Visit Triple Dot Food Truck on the streets of Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale and try Josefina’s homemade Argentinian and Dutch creations.

Sept. 17 – Chef Adam Allison of SuperFarm Food Truck

Chef Adam Allison has always been intrigued by street food and how it represents the culture and history of the certain location. It has soul and heart because it is shared with its local community and becomes a way of life. That’s what food is all about. When the idea emerged to create a food truck that specialized in America’s number one street food, hot dogs, it had to become a reality. Their goal is to use local, fresh, seasonal ingredients to create delicious, urban cuisine, to interact with customers and neighbors, and to create a culture around food. Having each specialty dog tell its own story, whether it be a specific region in the world or country or to bring back childhood memories is what is important. Once again, that’s what food is all about, an adventure.
Sept. 24 – Chefs Jayson and Jaymes of Saffron JAK Food Truck

Saffron JAK Original Stonebread Pizza Truck brings its unique brand of pizzas to the streets of the Valley. Their pizzas are made with delicious Persian sourdough flatbread (Samgak bread) that you can only find at Saffron JAK. They search for the best ingredients available and strive to work with the local food community to keep it fresh. JAK brothers Jayson and Jaymes Khadeni are passionate food monsters that have grown up by the instilled in them by their dad: “Try any food once. Then try it again to make sure!”

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