Recipe: Piña Mezcalito

The new Las Palmas Cantina in Chandler celebrates tequila’s cousin with this pineapple-y pick.

2 oz. Rayu Mezcal

3 oz. Pineapple juice

3 oz. Roasted pineapple

2 oz. Coconut water

.5 oz. Agave nectar

Skin and cut a pineapple into large chunks. Roast on high heat under a broiler until pineapple starts to blacken. Put roasted pineapple in blender with pineapple juice; there should be a 50/50 mix of pineapple to juice. Puree. Add roasted pineapple puree to a shaker with mezcal, coconut water and agave nectar. Shake and strain into glass. Add ice to fill. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge, a cherry and a pineapple leaf.

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