Grocery Great: Warming Soups

In this week’s Grocery Greats segment, guest writer ForXx seeks the best-tasting soups for these cold winter days.


Soups on! Burrr. It’s cold outside and nothing warms you up like a cup of hot soup. So who does it better? Campbell’s, Progresso or Healthy Choice? What makes soups taste really good? Is the amount of salt/sodium? How can we get great flavor with less salt? Here’s how.

Progresso. With the brand’s cute commercials with soup curlers in the hair, it claims to have the best tasting, most hearty soups out there. It claims to taste like grandma used to make. I concur. It is great. Flavorful, low in sodium and a good amount of choices.

Campbell’s soup company, with a factory in Sacramento, is rolling out 50 new soup flavors, many using exotic spices and herbs. Also, Campbell’s soup changed the look of their can for a younger, more hip demographic. They’ve added flavors like gourmet bisques and slow kettle stews. With the implementation of the Heart Healthy line, you’re sure to find a healthy, low sodium choice. High five to Campbell’s.

Now, Healthy Choice has a one up on the sodium dilemma and are committed to flavorful, healthy soups. Delicious and low in sodium, fat and cholesterol. Healthy soups are its claim to fame, and the brand does an outstanding job.

Bottom line, the Grocery Great is really a personal preference. Mine is Progresso. Texture, flavor, health benefits and how well it advertises are important. Choose wisely. All soups available at your local grocer for under $7. Enjoy.


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