Grocery Great: Hormel Rev Wraps

In this week’s Grocery Great, guest writer ForXx reviews the new Rev Wraps from Hormel.


You’ve seen the Hormel commercials about their “Delicious Snack On-The-Go”: Rev Wraps. At first glance, this product looks like a good idea. You could get your protein fix after a workout or can eat it later in your work day when you get a little hungry. Because it must be refrigerated, this is not the desk-drawer treat, so I’m not sure how “on-the-go” they can be. I visited my nearby Fry’s Foods and tried two flavors: Spicy Italian Style and Peppered Turkey.

The Rev wraps have 17 to 18 grams of protein per meal. While they claim to be filling and delicious, I must admit I did tweak the Peppered Turkey a little to get those results. While I was at home, I heated up the Peppered Turkey, added some avocado and my vegan mayonnaise. Without my additions, it was dry and the flatbread was a little pasty while sticking to the roof of my mouth. Hormel has a good idea here because if you are hungry around 3 p.m.-ish at work and need something to grab, whether this gets room temperature or is fresh from the fridge, this will curb your hunger. The Peppered Turkey with mozzarella was wrapped in an Italian herb flatbread. With 950mg of sodium, a drink is recommended. The Spicy Italian Style was better, it was still a little dry. DIY: The night before work, wrap your favorite cold cut in a delicious flatbread, add some cheese and refrigerate. The next day, grab it and go. This Grocery Great needs some tweaking.

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