Grocery Great: Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt

In this week’s Grocery Great, guest writer ForXx reviews Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt.
I must admit I am the biggest fan of Greek yogurts that there is but these earn my Greek Geek award. Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurts have managed to make a huge dent in the competition of frozen yogurts. I didn’t expect to love the frozen treats so much. The texture is more like a whipped cream and the finish is sweet, not tangy. No more ice cream cravings with healthier choices like these. If you’re watching your waistline, these are the perfect dessert-time treat.
I prefer a flavor that I can add to that won’t alter the taste too much, so the Vanilla Bean was my first choice. It was deliciously sweet–but not too much so. I blended it with some rice milk and a little Nutella for a guiltless milkshake. Yum! Other flavors include Blueberry, Dark Fudge Swirl, Honey Swirl, Raspberry and Strawberry. They come in individual cup-sized portions at only 100 calories. It’s creamy, delicious and great to eat anytime–even before bed–without worrying about calories. It‘s a great ending to a long day good, while curling up with a good book . These are kids’-birthday-party good, enjoy-while-getting-a-pedicure good, watch-a-Lifetime-movie good!
I think my biggest complaint would be the size. But if these came in gallon tubs, Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurts may not be so guiltless. Available at your favorite local grocery store.

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