Grocery Great: Dole Red Banana

In this week’s Grocery Great, guest writer ForXx reviews the Dole Red Banana.
Comparing apples to apples is one thing, but bananas to bananas? Let’s talk. I’ve compared yellow Chiquita and Dole brands before but this took me by surprise.
Perusing my favorite grocery store’s produce aisle at Whole Foods, I stumbled on a unique find, a Dole Red Banana. At first glance, they look like a bunch of over-ripe bananas. But looking closer, I noticed that they were actually a dark brownish red. Curious about how they might taste, I picked up a bunch of Red Doles, brought them home and straight to the blender they went as the key ingredient to my favorite smoothie. You know how regular bananas have that kind of chalky finish sometimes and overwhelming banana smell? Well, red bananas are creamy, perfectly firm, sweet, delicious, gently textured once peeled and faintly aromatic. In fact, the finish is so flawless, no one would even know you were eating a banana until they looked your way.
Red bananas offer a unique balance to a smoothie without the overbearing flavor of the yellow banana. In fact, a banana-strawberry smoothie might really taste more like a strawberry smoothie with a gentle hint of banana. I will only buy red ones from now on. Price-wise, they cost a little more than the traditional banana but are so worth it. Yellow bananas at Whole Foods are $.99 cents a pound while red bananas are $1.39 a pound. In my opinion, red bananas are the true top banana.

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