AZFoothills X Nakano Knives ~ Rediscover Your Passion for Cooking

It’s this time last year, when our Instagram feeds were only starting to become inundated with batches of sourdough, to a point where yeast shortages had become the new normal. While voluntarily taking 15 minutes to whip up the ‘dalgona coffee’ was a justifiable form of exercise,  with gyms being closed.

Stocking up on groceries and toilet paper like never before, we were eager to start dabbling in new and adventurous recipes to pass time that was once spent at restaurants, theatres, and clubs. 

One year later, however, people who aren’t quite used to cooking 3 meals a day, are experiencing cooking-fatigue. Truth be told, even people who have always loved cooking are encountering a gastronomic plateau. Having been pushed outside our comfort zones of what once was a coffee to go, take-out at lunch, and the weekly night out with friends, it’s easy to understand why the novelty and the initial excitement of cooking has simply returned to being a chore.  

What now?

In a situation like this, we must revamp our relationship with cooking, and it starts with the place where we have been working overtime: the kitchen. You have probably started to realize that there are certain kitchen inefficiencies, which have increasingly become more annoying over the past few months?

Luckily for readers, we have an exclusive deal, which will help reacquaint you with the pleasures of cooking!  

Nakano Knives:  

If to invest in one tool, for the time being, that will ease the load, make the cooking time a whole lot easier, and is something that you will virtually use in any recipe; it’s a quality knife.  

Nakano Knives, the high-quality Japanese kitchen knives brand, has head West and with that comes excitement and relief. It’s the idea of sailing through foods with the ease of the northern pacific waves, that sounds so serene when dicing a bunch of carrots, whilst in a time crunch. Mirrored in its beautiful design, Nakano knives blades further provide impressive edge retention, which reflects on the high-quality Japanese steel, making it you’re go-to for years to come.  

Priced fairly, it has become the favorite of many International Michelin and Japanese Sushi  Chefs, Book Authors, and TV Celebrities. What’s more, after reading reviews on the Nakano website, it is clear that all at-home cooks are deserving of its benefits. Having said that, if the knife proves not to be a good fit, you have 30 days to return it. You have nothing to lose, and it’s about time for a win!  

Below are three of the many options available on their website

Nakano Chef Knife  

Chef Anthony Bourdain once wrote in ‘Kitchen Confidential’, “that if you want to be a  Rockstar in the kitchen, you only need one tool: a proper chef’s knife”. Perfect for chopping onions, cutting peppers, and slicing meat, this will be the most versatile tool in your kitchen. 7 days a week, this 8-inch Nakano chef knife will become your very own sous chef.  

Santoku Wooden Series 

Santoku meaning “three virtues” in Japanese, refers to its triad of abilities – chopping,  dicing, and mincing. Its ability to cut meat, fish, and vegetables so seamlessly, makes for an exceptional cutting experience when preparing meals.  

Premium Damascus Chef Knife 

Crafted by master artisans in Seki city Japan, it comprises 33 layers of extremely durable  Damascus, providing an excellent cutting experience. Having measured the handle along with ergonomics, the micarta handle encourages the highest of comfort levels, in addition to it being fire and waterproof. 

Be sure to purchase all products through our exclusive link (Discount code: AZFOOTHILLS), in order to receive a 10% discount! Nakano Knives has further gifted our readers with a free version of their Japanese Food Culture e-book, featuring 20 exclusive recipes and important information on how to care for your Japanese  Knives.

With dishes like ‘chicken teriyaki bento box’ and ‘matcha ice cream’, we sure know that we’ll be back in the kitchen and returning for seconds in no time! 

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