Tips for Grilling Fish

Memorial Day was the unofficial kick-off to grilling season. Last week, we learned tips for grilling pizza. Today, Chef Admir Alibasic, of Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse in Old Town Scottsdale, offers up his advice when it comes to grilling fish this summer.
Before putting anything on the grill, make sure that the fish is fresh. If it smells “fishy” or the eyes are cloudy, than it isn’t fresh.
When grilling you want to use a fish with a greater fat content (salmon, steelhead trout, or tuna) because it will hold its shape and not break apart.
Make sure that your cooking surface is non-stick by using cooking spray or oil. Drizzling olive oil over the fish will also avoid it from sticking.
Fish is prime for grilling because it cooks fast. Prior to placing it on the grill allow it to sit in a marinade consisting of herbs and seasoning.
You can grill the fish in a grilling basket or in aluminum foil to avoid burning, sticking, or to infuse flavor into the fish.
Aluminum foil is also great way to add liquids and other aromatics by creating a pouch for the fish to steam in.
Try adding a bed of lemons and herbs directly on the grill and then place the fish directly on top.
Fish is done when the meat starts to flake easily with a fork and has an opaque color all the way through. If it appears glossy or translucent then it is not done.

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