Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Debuts New Flavor

When it comes to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, I like to keep things simple. I always opt for cheese. You see, I just adore Grimaldi’s slightly sweet sauce and touch of basil and don’t want other ingredeints to get in my way. However, the popular pizzeria–with eight locations in the state–is dishing up a brand new limited edition flavor that might just have me–and other Grimaldi’s fans–thinking outside the box.

This month, Grimaldi’s is excited to step away from tradition and mix things up with its Buffalo Chicken pizza. The new Buffalo Chicken pizza will be available for only a limited time. The Spicy Buffalo Chicke is described as “a mouthwatering, tantalizing taste experience featuring Buffalo chicken marinated in Frank’s Red Hot, fresh bleu cheese and crunchy celery on [Grimaldi’s] signature hand-tossed crust, finished with the famous savory sauce.” Now won’t Grimaldi’s new Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza be a helpful compromise when the hubby wants wings for dinner but you are stuck on pizza?


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