Get to Know Shin Toyoda of Sushi Roku

Chef Shin Toyoda
Apart from offering a sweet deal for locals (read on to find out more) and debuting a new gluten-free menu, find out what’s new at Sushi Roku at W Scottsdale straight from the chef. Get to know Shin Toyoda…
Have you always been interested in the culinary world?
No, my first love is dancing. But I’ve always loved foods, especially the casual street foods like Pan Noodle Bread that I grew up with back in Tokyo.
What inspires your work?
Customer satisfaction, especially when you see smiling faces out in the dining room. That inspires any chef.
How would you describe Scottsdale’s love affair with sushi?
Scottsdale seems to have a love affair with all things interesting, artistic and trendy. I just hope it’s more of a long-term love affair rather than a fleeting infatuation.
What’s new at Sushi Roku this summer?
AZ locals receive a 20 percent discount all summer long—just show your ID card. Plus, we’re rolling out an all-new menu of skinny cocktails and menu items for summer.
Tips for at-home chefs making sushi?
Honestly, the best advice I can give is to ask a sushi chef to make it for you. It’s not the easiest food for at-home chefs.
Favorite …
Valley restaurant:
Zipp’s Sports Grill because the food is surprisingly good–lots of from-scratch comfort foods. I like the Camelback Road location because it’s close to my house and there’s a large patio for when the weather’s nice.
Culinary travel destination:
Las Vegas, Tokyo and New York City. There’s just an amazing variety of great chefs and restaurants in all three cities.
Dish to make at home:
Shabu Shabu, which is a traditional Japanese dish where thin strips of beef are cooked in a broiling broth, along with tofu and sliced vegetables like carrots, onions and mushrooms. Then you pour the leftover broth over rice and eat it.
Cocktail or bottle of wine:
You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of pinot noir.

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