Easter Chocolates from Recchiuti

Mr. Easter Bunny (second in my book only to Santa) will be hopping by your house very soon. And I am elated–Easter is definitely my favorite candy holiday. And, this year, the candy offerings are even more exciting thanks to Recchiuti’s high-end chocolaty goodness (www.recchiuti.com). Here’s what I hope my favorite cotton-tailed creature leaves in my basket on Easter Sunday:
Easter Motif Box These burnt caramel chocolates are decked in the most precious spring themes. The chick is my favorite. $19 for eight pieces.
Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Recchiuti’s peanut butter cups–er, eggs–puts any other to shame. Each milk chocolate shell is filled with creamy organic peanut butter, fleur de sel and chocolate. This is great for family and friends who don’t like their treats super sweet. $23 for 12 pieces.
Force Noir Easter Eggs Each of these dark chocolate ganache-filled eggs are hand-painted. Pretty, pretty. $23 for 12 pieces.
Thanks, in advance, Mr. Bunny.

  1. easter candy is my FAV – – and the chocolate ganache-filled eggs sound wonderful!! hopefully the E bunny won’t be stingy this year…

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