Chef Chat: Christopher Wolven of The Henry

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Get to know Chef Christopher Wolven of Fox Restaurant Concepts’ newest project, The Henry.
Has being in the kitchen always been your passion? I think so. My mother was an unbelievable cook. I was always so upset because we actually had home-cooked meals every day while my friends got to stuff themselves with fast food! Then, while I was in school working toward a broadcasting degree I took a job in the kitchen to pay bills and fell in love. Here I am 12 years later. I wouldn’t change a thing.
What can diners expect at The Henry? Great food from a collection of great chefs. Our dining room is extremely versatile and available for all types of occasions, whether it’s for a quick bite and coffee before work, a great sandwich on lunch break, or a glass (or two) of some great bourbon or wine during a night out with friends and family.
There are several different components of The Henry. How do they all work together? All of the different components of The Henry keep things interesting for everyone. From the coffee bar and cozy, feel-good food, to the innovative cocktail program and test kitchen, we’re able to give each guest the experience they are looking for.
Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So bad, yet so good!
Pizza topping: I’m pretty easy with my toppings. Give me a supreme pizza with a handful of crushed red peppers.
Midnight snack: The foods my parents wouldn’t feed me as a kid: fast-food burritos and cheeseburgers.
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