Chef Chat: Chef Joshua James “J” Amonson of Bourbon & Bones

As Old Town’s Bourbon & Bones celebrates its first anniversary, we caught up with Chef Joshua James “J” Amonson about what he has in store for the milestone.
Happy anniversary! How will you and the restaurant be celebrating? Thank you! We have an all-day Happy Hour at the restaurant featuring our new Chop House Meatballs, Prime Rib Sliders, Crispy Calamari and more!
How has the restaurant changed since Day 1? The restaurant has changed and grown dramatically as far as our guests and the experience. Food quality is much better and more approachable, and the service is excellent, too!
Old Town is chock-full of amazing dining. How do you set Bourbon & Bones apart from the rest? Old Town has a lot of choices, but I feel our ambiance and dining experience is a lot better than the surrounding restaurants. When we open the windows facing Scottsdale Road at night the vibe is electric!
What do you consider the restaurant’s can’t-miss dish? Our can’t-miss dish would be the Low and Slow Pork Shank with the heirloom grits, smoked tomatoes and the sunny side up egg. It’s delicious hearty meal and is one of my personal favorites.

How did you get into the dining realm? I got into the dining realm by following my passion for food and cooking from the inspiration of my mom and grandmothers.
What is the most rewarding part of your career? Most challenging? The most rewarding part of my career is the great food I get to cook and creating new recipes. The most challenging is my desire to make everyone happy. It’s not always easy or accomplished!
What are your hopes for the restaurant long-term? My hope is for the restaurant to continue its success and be recognized as the best steakhouse in the Valley.

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