Cardinals Cupcakes

In commemoration of our very own Arizona Cardinals going to the NFC Championship game, Sprinkles has debuted a limited-edition cupcake: Cardinals red velvet cupcakes. You can pick up a box of 12, decorated with Sprinkles’ signature dots in the team colors, red and white, for $36 or buy ’em solo for $3.25. If your buds are true Cardinals freaks, you can even purchase a gift-wrapped, boxed cupcake for $5. I know you’re all throwing or attending a sporty shindig this weekend when the Cards take on the Eagles (even I am going to a football party. Me!) and these cupcakes sure would be a crowd-pleaser. Cardinals cupcakes are available Friday through Sunday. Go team! 480.970.4321.

  1. Not sure how these would go with the 6′ sub and pony keg, but hey I’ll try anything once and if I like it I’ll do it again . . .

  2. These are pretty cute cupcakes! Not sure how many guys would appreciate cute cupcakes at a party haha, but you never know!

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