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Find all of the latest Phoenix food and wine products, including information on where to buy these food and wine products in Phoenix, how to use these products and more.


Easy Back-to-School Lunches

As families get used to the back-to-school grind, parents are seeking out healthful lunch ideas that kiddos will actually eat. Here, Sprouts provides six must-try easy-peasy meals to fill your kid’s lunch box.


Grocery Great: A La Mode Ice Cream

A La Mode has made a delicious splash in New York City over the past few years, thanks to its nut-, sesame- and egg-free goods (gluten- and dairy-free items are also available, too). Now, the ice cream shop’s delicious products can be ordered online and mailed to your front door.


Dad’s Day Gift: Monti-Taste Set

The Monti-Taste Set ($100), designed by Daniele “Danne” Semeraro and crafted with the purest lead-free crystal, not only looks like a contemporary work of art but it features four glasses that will fit the foamy contents of Dad’s favorite beer bottles perfectly.


New Rosé Alert

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Mom for Mother’s Day or just gearing up for summer soiree-ing, there is a new rosé brand hitting shelves this month that you’ll want to grab: 2017 Band of Roses Rosé ($12.99).