Trendsetter to Know: Michelle Tremblay, Phoenix Children’s Hospital Beach Ball Co-Chair

Name: Michelle Tremblay


Age: 39 … but actually 39, not like the “forever 39” kind of thing

Title: 2024 PCH Beach Ball Co-Chair or Mom/Mother, Teammate, Friend, Beach Baller, Serial Creative, Consultant, Friend Builder Upper, Room Mom, Troop Leader, Philanthropist, Co-Chair, Enneagram 4w3

Married/Single: Proud Fire Wife

Kids: Brodie Cordell (15), Willa Bloom (6), Shepherd Tate (3)

City you live in: The most delicious character-filled Historic District in Uptown Phoenix

A typical day in my life includes… A full, color-coated, time-blocked calendar full of conference calls, clients and kids whilst searching for any excuse to celebrate a holiday or any small or big win for her kids or friends.

I was born… an introverted, athletic, stylish, overthinking, competitive, left-handed, pen-loving, late-blooming Libra in La Jolla, Ca.

I’m listening to… A layered and sometimes repeated cycle of pop and hip hop from the 00’s (or whatever was played that week in my hip hop class), Atomic Habits or Secrets of the Millionaire Mind on Audible, The Raising Good Humans Podcast or something from Dan Siegel, A Guided Walking Meditation and likely the Bluey intro song on repeat in my head. OR maybe it’s just something from the Bravo franchise in the background and some red-light therapy. It’s all about balance, right?

My family… is the best part of me. They’re everything. To know me is to know they are my complete obsession.

One thing I cannot live without… My Scotsman nugget ice machine.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… my M.A.S.H. usually included a lawyer mostly because I craved the idea of a power suit and a Porsche, but that quickly transitioned into a tossup being a creative art director for Vogue, being the person in charge of naming nail polishes and/or growing up to be Carrie Bradshaw.

I’m inspired by… The historic homes and gardens of the French countryside that can only be found by following long paths of pea gravel. The fashion and conviction of Iris Apfel and Mrs. Maisel, the interior designs of Connor Lucas, the art of Josh Young, the architecture of Schafer Buccellato, and the lifestyle of a coastal Italian grandmother.

The person/people who motivate(s) me is/are… my kids, 1,000x my kids.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… The desperate need for increased postpartum care, support and education for all mothers and families. The lack of food quality and food regulations in the United States that is negatively affecting our brains, bodies and future generations. The political and religious hate and divide. We need to slow down, show more empathy and adopt mandatory siestas.

The perfect day would be… an early morning dose of treasure hunting through antique stores and estate sales, followed by a spa day at Joya at the Montelucia with my friends (crystals and sound baths included), and ending with an early dinner at home with my family. Sushi Friend take out and a nostalgic 90’s movie marathon by firelight: Little Giants, Sister Act II (because it’s better than the first and Lauryn Hill is life), Father of the Bride, Now and Then…

My first job was… a scrapbook store in Solana Beach, Ca called Flashbacks. The store was down the hill from where my future husband lived but we didn’t know each other.

My favorite escape… on a sliding scale: a bubble bath, my hometown beaches of Encinitas, CA, the Ritz Grand Cayman.

My life… is beautiful chaos with 100 tabs open on my computer at any given time and finding any excuse to celebrate: holidays, birthdays, half birthdays, and any little or big win of my kids or friends

I’m currently working on… health and wellness.

Always… buy the outfit, the occasion will find you. Always take the picture, your future self will thank you. Be a person for others, get the dessert, buy vintage, be kind, be unique, be yourself. And always hydrate.

Never… make big decisions pregnant. Never show up empty-handed. Soda, never ever soda.

Favorite Quote… Art is never wrong. On repeat at my house.

Biggest Dream… To live a big life, full of travel, big art and big family. That my kids grow up knowing that I loved being their Mom and that they find the passion that sets their heart on fire. 

My Pet Peeve(s)… a low battery, loud chewers, people who don’t use their blinker, improper grammar and people who stand too close in line.

My favorite thing about Arizona… My lively WhatsApp would show you quickly that my community is unmatched. As a natural introvert who requires deep connection in my relationships, it took me almost a decade to foster a community of friends after moving here in my mid-20’s. I am humbled and proud to be a part of The Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Beach Ball Community, The St. Francis Xavier School and Church Community, The Brophy College Prep Communities (including The Mother’s Guild and my ’27 Retreat Moms), the Phoenix Fire Community, and our Windsor Square Historic District Neighborhood.

Bio: Michelle Tremblay is a proud native of Encinitas, CA where she grew up balancing her enthusiasm for sports and a love of art – both of which run deep in her family tree. She continued these passions as a D1 field hockey player, graduating from University of the Pacific with a major in Graphic Design and Studio Art and a minor in Art History. While there, she was a representative within the NCAA leadership communities and was social chair in her sorority, Delta Gamma. Her abilities to juggle and multitask lead her to running her own consulting firm full time with a baby on her hip. That baby, Brodie, is now 15 and a Freshman at Brophy College Prep. Her daughter Willa (6) has adopted Michelle’s creativity and love for fashion and art and her youngest son Shepherd is athletically coordinated and motivated at the age of 3. She is a proud fire wife to her husband Paul, who works in the City of Phoenix as a paramedic firefighter. When her youngest went off to preschool in 2022, Michelle knew it was time to give back to her community. After spending time at children’s hospitals as a child herself, watching her own children receive top care at Phoenix Children’s, and knowing the critical funding needed to operate and provide elite care to all children in the valley in tragic situations, she knew Phoenix Children’s was the cause worth investing into. Phoenix Children’s has since become a large part of her and her family’s lives: co-chairing Beach Ball, attending Team Taylor with her family, dancing at Off The Record, and bringing her family together at Ignite Hope. When not volunteering at Phoenix Children’s, you can find her on a conference call with a client, volunteering her time as room Mom at her kids schools, at her adult Hip Hop class, cheering for her kids (and friends) from the sidelines in all that they do, traveling, or treasure hunting for antique art to add to her collection.

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