Trendsetter to Know: Jordan Chandler, Beverage Director at Trevor’s Liquor

Name: Jordan Chandler

Facebook: Jordan Chandler or Trevor’s Liquor

Instagram: @jjeatsanddrinks or @trevorsliquor


Age: 26

Title: Beverage Director at Trevor’s Liquor

Married/Single: Girlfriend

Kids: none

City you live in: Scottsdale

A typical day in my life includes… Work, learn something new about my craft or the world, hang with my dogs, exploring outdoors or doing something creative.

I was born… in Irvine, California.

My favorite thing about Arizona…  That there are endless amounts of things to do and explore out here. You can drive to the snow, water, desert, hiking, all in a day! 

I’m listening to… literally everything lol, just depends on my mood.

My family… lives in California still and I’m an only child.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… my best friend and mentor that passed away 2 years ago, Bobby Kramer.

One thing I cannot live without… Dogs!!! 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A baseball player or snowboarder.

I’m inspired by… people who have done so many unique things and have had a fulfilled life but stay humble and pass experiences and knowledge.

The one person who motivates me is… Bobby Kramer.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… free health care!

The perfect day would be… Exploring something new and beautiful in the world! 

My first job was… Domino’s Pizza

My favorite escape… Golf! 

My life… is one giant beautiful chaos. 

I’m currently working on… improving my own self everyday as well as being open minded to see different views on life.

Always… be respectful and kind.

Never… put down others. 

Favorite Quote… “Kill ’em with Kindness”

Biggest Dream… Be happy and stable in life while doing what i love most and giving back to others.

My Pet Peeve(s)… chewing with your mouth open.

Bio-on yourself/company: I’m 26 and originally from Orange County, California, but moved to Arizona on a dime to get a better lifestyle. I went into my first craft cocktail bar on my 21st birthday, fell in love with watching them work. The guy who served me my first cocktail ended up becoming my best friend, mentor, and a father figure to me. His name was Bobby Kramer who unfortunately passed away 2 years ago from a wrong way driver at 31, he made such an impact on the community that I wanted to be just like him. Long story short he eventually offered me a job to open one his bars. The next 2 years i had won 9 bar competitions, made it to 3 national competitions and placed top 30 in the united states last year. After Bobby’s tragic accident, i had gone into his shoes to run the bar programs at The Brickyard. I am now the beverage director for Trevor’s Liquor. Bartending helps me get out of a bad mental state and has become a lifelong passion. I’ve used to it give back to the community in any way i can. I’ve raised thousands of dollars for charities (Wounded Warriors, Armer Foundation for Kids, Breast Cancer Awareness) as well as money for Bobby’s family after his accident. I love mentoring younger individuals that are very passionate in this industry as well as help people expand their knowledge in this craft industry as well as spreading mental health awareness. 

Trevor’s Liquor opened their first location in 2020. The store has set out to revolutionize the liquor store experience in Scottsdale. As the area’s first liquor store to combine beer&wine bar, they knew they had to offer a unique experience. At Trevor’s on McDowell enjoy daily food trucks and a pet friendly atmosphere. Trevor’s on Mayo is brand new and boasts an artisanal pizza kitchen, golf simulators, and a full-service bar with expertly crafted cocktails. 

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