Trendsetter to Know: Interior Designer Julliana Garten

Name: Julliana Garten


Instagram: @Jgartendesign

TikTok: @jgarteninteriordesign

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Interior Design: I’m an interior designer, with over 20 years of experience. I graduated in Brazil with an Architecture, Interior Design, City Plan and Landscape Design degree.

I’ve worked with the best names in the industry, both in Brazil and the USA until she decided to launch my own company. Since then, I’ve been creating beautiful, unique, personalized, and functional spaces for my remarkable customers.

So what exactly is “Fast Interior” in your words?: It’s a term that I created for my projects that had a very short deadline. My clients wanted their entire house, or some rooms in their homes, or office to be furnished, decorated, and staged quickly.

What made you come up with this new concept?: I created the term “Fast Interior” during the pandemic when my clients were relocating to AZ from other states and needed their home entirely, quickly furnished, staged and ready to move in 30 days. Also, for my local clients that just wanted to change the look of some rooms in their houses, and I was able to do that in a couple of weeks.

This is not an easy task in today’s market with the shortage of supplies and backlog of shipping delays, so I am very happy that this concept is working so well.

Do you only do large houses, or can this concept be applied to apartments, townhouses, etc.?:
Yes, absolutely! This concept can be applied to any project scale or category. I’m working on large homes, small homes, and only one or multiple rooms within a home. I also work with small and large offices.

With my knowledge and experience, I can work with any project size and any style.

Have you already done a few “fast Interior” on some properties here in Arizona?: Yes, and I would love to share my most recent one…

It’s a 5,200 sf home in Arcadia for a client from another state that had a very short time to move into the home. The house was complete empty, a perfect white canvas, and I completely furnished, decorated, and staged the entire house with towels, bedsheets, plates, and silverware in place…everything to make the house “move in ready”.

Where do you get all these materials and furniture on such a short notice? Are they Local businesses?: Yes, I shop with local and online businesses that have supply in stock, ready to be shipped or delivered. That’s one of the most important parts of the “Fast Interior” process.

It’s also extremely Important to have a full knowledge of the client’s style and have a strategic design plan in mind so we can shop at the right locations.

I like to say that I’m gifted to have not just the knowledge and confidence but an amazing prevision of the rooms that I’m working on before we go shopping for furniture, home essentials and décor accents. Its key to know 100% what we are doing because we have no time to waste.

If someone was Interested in “Fast Interior” how could they reach you?: Please visit our website for more details and contact us:,

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