Mindy Jones Nevarez

Name: Mindy Jones Nevarez



Age: 35

Title: Realtor ®, Business Owner, Wife, Step-Mom, Should I keep going?

Married/Single: Newly Married

Kids: My step-son Nathan who turned 13 this year and started high school. You can email or text me suggestions for having a teenager at your convenience. Or, like now.

City you live in: Chandler! I am an Arizona native and just made the move from a historic neighborhood in Phoenix to the heart of where our business is in the Southeast Valley. We love the sense of community, dedication to local culture, the great schools and the extra space the area has to offer.

A typical day in my life includes

spin class in the morning now that I’ve shortened my commute by an hour and can get up, get to the gym and still be at my desk with my second or third cup of coffee by 8am. I’ve got four clients to take care of during the day – the ones who trust me to help them achieve their real estate goals, the ones who have chosen to be on the Amy Jones Group so they can achieve their goals, the ones who have chosen me as their family, and me. So that means lots of phone calls, coffee, texts, lunches, coffee, emails, and…more coffee.

I was born to be…

great and I won’t stop learning until I’m exhausted. And even then, I’ll probably find something else I want to try to be great at.

My favorite thing about Arizona is…

that there really is something for everyone here. I was born at Doctor’s Hospital which is where Phoenix Children’s Hospital stands today, am a product of the Madison School District and Central High School (when it was still an open campus), & went to more concerts then I can name at venues that don’t exist anymore. Arizona is always reinventing itself and so are the people that live here. There is a neighborhood for everyone, a hobby for everyone, a hidden pocket of history to discover for everyone and while it may not be as easy to find some of the cool secrets as in other big cities – they are there, and they are way cooler. I’ve picked up a daffy duck figurine in Bisbee, fallen on my butt on slide rock, and seen the remains of a cemetery in an East Valley subdivision. My suggestion? If you haven’t found your favorite thing about Arizona? Keep looking. Oh, and Jerome – I love Jerome.

I’m listening to…

a mixture of 90’s hip hop, Spanish guitar, and a few things that should probably be reserved for a tween-station but sometimes you just need to bop.

My family is

super patient with me. I can be intense and excited about a lot of things and sometimes I don’t know how to turn the volume down. They humor me, they support me, they love me and sometimes they think I’m funny. I’ll take sometimes.

If I could have dinner with anyone

it would be people that make me laugh – Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon, my baby brother, and Chelsea Handler. Yeah, that would make a good table – and then maybe someone super serious because watching them NOT laugh would be hysterical.

One thing I cannot live without is…

chapstick. Born and raised in the desert, we learned how to live on flip-flops and chapstick year-round.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…

anything I could do better than someone else. A novelist after I found typos in the scholastic books I would buy, a speech writer after I was left feeling less than passionate after a political speech, an investigative reporter and consumer advocate when I saw the commercial for a one-ton truck – but, could it really hold ONE ton? In high school I was part of a controversial alternative newspaper, I advocated for a suicide prevention program, I was passionate about helping others…I like to make a little noise & I like to help the underdog.

I’m inspired by…

strong women who aren’t defined by their skills, education, socio-economic status, or upbringing. I believe people can do and be anything they want if they have grit, tenacity, will power and passion – wash, rinse, repeat.

My favorite escape is…

Arcosanti. I don’t know if the rooms are still $25 because its been many years since I needed one, but I have taken my beagle Ophelia (read the book Ophelia Speaks to find out where I got her name) and a couple pieces of fruit to this haven. I have rented the $25 room, I have meditated at dawn, I have cried all the way up there and shed not one tear coming back resolved.

My life is…

full. Full of love, full of work, full of people making moves and needing help, full of family, full of dogs, full of lots and hopes and dreams, and full of lots of coffee.

I’m currently working on…

ensuring that the Amy Jones Group is a place that our clients can come to for as long as they and their children and grandchildren are buying, selling, and investing in real estate. We want to walk by our client’s side, we want to be there for the long haul, and I want to create an environment that supports real estate professionals who want that deeper level of care with their clients. We have been successful because of our compassionate style, our ability to stay ahead of the curve – and I will do everything I can to keep it that way. I love what I do and I love helping others push through the ceiling of what they thought was even possible in their lives. I love helping people through stressful situations and I love being the stepping stool. Real estate wasn’t my first career but it has been where I was always meant to end up – as a practitioner for guiding families through one of the biggest investments in their entire lives and as a catalyst for professionals who are passionate about hard work and helping others.


be learning.


say “I can’t”.

Favorite Quote…

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coehlo. It’s a fancy way of saying, things happen the way they are supposed to.


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