Meet the Teen Face of Foothills 2021: Alexis Miranda

Name: Alexis Miranda

Twitter: @alexis_mmiranda

Facebook: @alexismarieofficial or @ms.alexis.miranda

Instagram: @alexis.marie.official

Age: 15

City you live in: Litchfield Park

What made you want to be a part of the Face of Foothills 2021 competition?

I was modeling in Fashion Week for Kids a couple of years ago. They were making the “Face of Foothills” announcement during the event and I thought “I want to try that”. I started following the magazine on IG and saw all the amazing things they do to promote the people and places in Arizona. As a pageant queen, this just seemed like a perfect fit for the community service, modeling, and appearances I was already doing. I am a 5th generation Phoenician so it just seemed natural to want to represent my beautiful state.

What did you learn about yourself throughout the competition and voting process?

“Patience Danielson! Wax On, Wax Off!” The voting process was nonstop with me begging and pleading with everyone I knew to vote! We even had voting parties! Let’s just say If I do not ever see another captcha again: fire hydrants, cars, traffic lights, and buses, I will be a happy camper 😊 On the flip side, I met some incredible people through this process. One of the finalists reached out to 2 of us to collaborate on some content ideas she had for AzFoothills Magazine.  All of us are good friends now! I am better because of them.

What do you intend to do with your new title?

Three things: First, I love the eye-catching designs and features in AzFoothills Magazine. I would love to collaborate in a creative and artistic fashion photoshoot.

My other two goals tie in with things I am already doing which is to highlight awesome people that are making a difference in our communities.

And last but not least: EAT!!! Oh My! Have you seen all the good places to eat that made the Best of our Valley List! I have a lot of reviews to do and will happily oblige!!!! 

A typical day in my life includes… Well….It depends on the day. We just went back to school after Spring break. I am on the Varsity Pom Team which starts practice at 5:30 am, then off to school. After school, I either go dancing class, volunteer with my pageant sisters, church activities, hang out/go shopping with my friends, or play with my 2 dogs (Havanese’s), Coco and Shay Shay.

My favorite thing about Arizona… Arizona State University!!!!! Two More Years! And Yes, this is a poke to the wildcat litters out there 😊 But seriously, I would love to attend the legal studies program at ASU while cheering sideline as a member of their dance team. Squad Goals!!!

My favorite thing about AZFoothills is… the people. It has been such a positive experience. I always say it takes a village and the AZFoothills Village is pretty awesome which reflects in their content!!!! It would be totally cool if we could go on a hiking trip or escape room with all the AzFoothills team.

I’m listening to… I love Motivational Podcasts.  I am the reigning 2021 Royal International Miss Arizona Jr. Teen. Our International competition with girls from all over the world is in 4 months so I am mentally feeding my mind with positive thoughts. I am so excited to meet all these beautiful girls!

In my free time, I love to… binge-watch on Netflix for sure. I also love choreographing dance routines with my friends, shopping of course, and walking thru classic car shows with my Dad. Oh, and did I mention I like to EAT…..ha! I LOVE IN-N-OUT!!!!

My family… Well, my Grandpa is the best. He is 87, Irish and from Iowa. I mention Irish because he likes to tell jokes and a lot of stories. They took me back to Iowa once……a tornado almost hit…… I have never been back….. I will say that the farmhouse he grew up in is in still in the family and it is beautiful! We love to pick on each other ALOT. He loves me so much and I love him.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… there are so many, it would depend on my mood. I want to be a human rights attorney someday so I definitely think I would be intrigued to meet Amal Clooney or Malala. But really I have a lot of questions about life. Jesus by far would be the most enlightening I think…..

One thing I cannot live without… a sense of humor. I love to laugh and have fun. There is a time to work and a time to play. I appreciate people that let me express who I am.

I’m inspired by… creative people. You have to be born with it. I see so many creative people in the fashion and music industry that blow my mind. I want to see the world thru their eyes. 

The one person who motivates me is… awwww, my mom. She is the behind-the-scenes kinda person and sacrificed so much for me. I am who I am, because of her. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… all the bad things that happen to women and children around the world. It truly breaks my heart. There is no place for hate and jealousy in my world.

The perfect day would be… spreading joy to others. I am a Jr. Director for a pageant for girls with special needs. My best days have been spent doing flash mobs during covid or dressing up in inflatable costumes for their birthdays to surprise them at their homes. Every month we do special something for them to let them know we miss them during this time of isolation.

My first job was… Doing a commercial for Lenovo Electronics!!!! That was so fun and scared me to death at the same time.

My favorite escape… “Trying” to surf is my new thing. Since we do not have a beach in Arizona, I love my escapes to San Diego.

I’m currently working on… a couple of projects: On social media, I support the local libraries through Lexi4Literacy. I love to promote all the awesome things the libraries are doing around the valley to keep kids motivated to read and learn more. I also read to kids at a local School. My other project is in collaboration with Daniela Jay Boutique called “No More” and ties in with my human rights pursuit.

I help support a safe house in the Philippines for girls rescued from human trafficking. We just completed a school supply drive. My goal is to travel there and meet them someday. I want to teach classes about mental and physical care as well as fun classes like dance.

Always… think outside the box and always believe in yourself no matter what! Look up, not out!

Never… put mustard or pickles on a hamburger.

Favorite Quote… “I want to inspire the world, not just live in it!”  ~me

Biggest Dream… ironically I teach dream board classes thru My biggest dream is to travel around the world and experience all kinds of people and cultures. Never stop learning. 

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