Meet the Face of Foothills 2022: Simba Richards

AGE: 19
FROM: Tempe/Mesa
INSTAGRAM: @_simbarichards_

What inspired you to enter Face of Foothills?

Simba: I noticed an advertisement on Instagram about the competition for the Face of Foothills magazine cover, and it seemed interesting, so I clicked on it. I looked into it a little, and after finding out that some of my other modeling and pageant acquaintances had joined the competition already, without hesitation, I joined as well. I loved the chance that I would get to meet new people that inspire me. After some time passed, and I found out I got into the second round, that was when I knew things were get- ting serious, and it was time to actually put in the effort and aim to reach the top.

How does it feel to win?

Simba: This is an amazing feeling to have. I have never truly experienced a huge success like this in the modeling field before. I have participated in fashion shows and I have won Miss Mesa Teen USA, but this is a much bigger step toward where I want to be in the future of my modeling career. This gives me that little extra confirmation that I am able to do and succeed at anything that I put my whole heart and mind into.

What does the title mean to you?

Simba: This title demonstrates that even though I know about Arizona, living here for most of my life, I will have a better connection to my state and will be introduced to much more because of my status with Face of Foothills.

How would you describe your style?

Simba: There are two different answers to this question, my style as a person and my fashion style. I am an outgoing and focused person. I love socializing and I like to make new connections, as well as explore and learn new things. Now, for my style in the fashion sense, my style is not focused on one type of fashion. I rarely wake up without my outfit of the day ready in the morning.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Simba: I like to take care of myself, by going to radi8 HOT YOGA, as well as going to The Madison, a spin class, both of which were voted Best of Our Valley numerous times. I like to participate in philanthropy work with my sorority sisters at Arizona State University and explore family-owned restaurants as well as Face of Foothills-recommended restaurants, hotels, work-out spots, salons, shopping centers and much more.

Do you have any advice or tips for others who want to model?

Simba: Go for it, give it your all, and if you find that it is something you are truly passionate about,
you will succeed and achieve greatness, truly in anything that you put your all into. And as cliché as it sounds, you don’t have to be perfect, but being yourself and doing everything in your effort to reach your personal goals are what will make you stand out in this field and give you that high level of greatness where you will thrive. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

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