Meet DJ MPower: The Scottsdale DJ Overcoming Barriers and Thriving

On paper 22-year-old Michael Papazian or DJ MPower as they call him might look like he’s been on a fast journey to getting where he is today. DJ’ing popular venues on the weekend and LIVE streaming to his fans, it seems like nothing is slowing him down.

DJ MPower is living his dream as one of the fresh new faces on the DJ scene. His electrifying house music sets keep the crowds going for hours. He’s played at various venues around the Valley but DJ MPower’s ride to getting where he is today has been anything but fast and easy.

Born with Down Syndrome, Papazian has had to work harder than any other DJ who has come before him, to not only overcome a significant learning disability but to learn his craft and do it in a manner that no one listening could even tell the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

In the 7th grade Papazian decided he wanted to be a DJ and began taking night classes at Scottsdale Community College, eventually earning a Certificate in Music this Spring. During that time he also studied intensely under mentor DJ Tranzit.

When I first had the chance to work with MPower, I instantly knew that he had what it takes. Every time we got together for lessons he always seemed to surprise me in some way. He’s got a great future ahead of him in this industry.

– DJ Tranzit

Specializing in House Music and EDM, Papazian DJ’d his junior high school prom and various events through high school, eventually going on to compete in the exclusive Relentless Beats First Encounters DJ Competition at age 20. One of his high-energy mixes recently earned Number 37 on the Mixcloud Global House Music Chart.

DJ’ing, It’s my favorite thing…

I am proof that there are no limits. No ceilings. Follow your passion and work hard.

– DJ MPower

Thomas Turner, owner of Relentless Beats, says Papazian’s can-do attitude is contagious. “I’ve loved watching MPower work relentlessly to become the DJ he is today and look forward to seeing all he can achieve.”

Papazian’s dad Bill has become his biggest fan and supports all his son’s endeavors with tremendous time and energy. “Michael is truly an inspiration not only to me but everyone who meets him and sees the work he puts in for every show and just to get to where he is today,” said Bill Papazian.

While Papazian prefers performing as the best way to express himself he knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do the rest of his life.  “I love DJ life and I love making people dance,” the young exuberant Papazian says.

Michael wants nothing more than to be a DJ for the rest of his life. Michael is looking to make a name for himself by moving to the East as well as continuing to perform regularly in the West.

– Bill Papazian, Michael’s father

DJ MPower has learned quickly that life isn’t best lived by setting limits, but by breaking past them. And at the rate he’s going, anything is possible.

I love to read a crowd and keep a crowd going. Music shows us all the true power of music and hard work when I’m behind the decks.

– DJ MPower

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