Canvassing the World for Inspiration: Up and Coming Artist, Kevin Neiman

Written by Jenna Medlin-Roark

Kevin Neiman looks up at the peach sunset across the Arizona skyline. Most individuals would take a picture and continue their day; Neiman is inspired by the peach tones that linger across the sky as the sun goes to sleep behind the mountainous, desert landscape around him. 

Intrigued and involved with the arts in high school, Neiman decided to pick up his long-lost hobby of creating paintings a year and a half ago. Using canvas and yupo paper, he has created various collections of modern, contemporary, and abstract art pieces.

Neiman is inspired by modern artists such as José Parlá, Kim Rose, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who within themselves are known for their exemplary abstract, contemporary, and line artwork. When looking at Neiman’s work, it feels as if it is subjective and up to the viewer’s interpretation. 

With two folding tables and his artwork in hand, Neiman makes his way to farmer’s markets to showcase his pictures and paintings. As onlookers walk under the silver canopy, they can witness this prolific, up-and-coming artist’s paintings and pictures leaning up against the tabletops. Paintings are available to purchase from Neiman, who frequents farmer’s markets to get exposure amongst his local community. 

For more information or updates on Kevin Neiman’s artwork and where you can find him next, you can follow him on Instagram @kevin_and_canvas. 

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