An Interview with Blake Monar of Statum Style Hair Care

Some may have heard of Blake Monar from Season 16 of ABC’s The Bachelorette. But, what you all should be aware of is his thriving hair care line, Statum Style. What started in his kitchen (with literal pots and pans full of raw ingredients) has turned into an all-natural and locally sourced product line for both men and women.

The Statum Style vision is simple: creating a core set of hair care products that require minimal time and effort to produce a timeless, sophisticated look.

Mel Rodriguez interviewed Blake Monar on his one-of-a-kind line. Check it out below!

What makes this brand so unique, in my opinion, is that every product is unisex (besides the beard balm, but ladies feel free to WURK that beard).

No longer do men and women need to shop in two separate aisles. The simple yet sophisticated ingredients aren’t bogged down by fancy marketing and different colored bottles, like most products on the shelves of Target, ULTA, or wherever you may shop.

Plus, did we mention that every product of Statum Style is $20 or less? The correlation between the words “expensive” and “luxurious” should never be the case. It’s like Blake says in the interview, a “craft beer” from your local brewery is no more expensive than any other highly manufactured corporate brand.

The same should be with hair care and any other beauty product. Stop paying more for brands that import their items from overseas factories. In these times, it is crucial to support and encourage local Arizona and United States businesses.

For those looking to switch up their products, here are just a few of Statum Style’s most popular items.

Statum Style’s Hybrid Paste

  • 2 oz.
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Matte/Textured Finish
  • Pliable Hold
  • Rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants

Designed for users who want the ultimate effortless look, Statum Style’s Hybrid Paste provides a pliable hold and yields a matte finish, all while achieving great texture and volume. Statum’s innovative hybrid formula fights to eliminate excess oils hours after it is applied, making it especially helpful for those with active lives or oil prone hair.

“Hybrid Paste” can be smoothed in palms and applied to damp hair to produce a cleaner look, but is designed to create the “just left the beach” look no matter what state it is applied in. 

I have been using the Statum Style “Hybrid Paste” for the past few months. One bottle gets your hundreds of uses because it doesn’t require much to style my hair. The firm yet light hold doesn’t leave my oily and beaming light off of my head from every direction.

I would recommend this product over ANY name brand and mainstream men’s hair care product.

– Tyler Hollis, communications director for AZFoothills Magazine

Statum ‘Day 2’ Dry Shampoo

  • 2 oz.
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Light Mint Citrus Scent
  • Absorbs Excess Oils
  • Adds Volume/Revives Hair
  • Easy Application Bottle

Statum Style’s root boosting dry shampoo is designed to revive and add life to hair between regular washes.  Using a unique formula of all-natural ingredients including starches and proteins, Statum Style’s Day 2 absorbs excess oils while adding volume and reviving hair. 

Statum ‘White Velvet’ Cream Pomade

  • 3oz
  • Pliable Medium/Strong Hold
  • Medium Shine Finish 

This soft, smooth cream pomade offers a higher shine and stronger hold than its ‘Hybrid Paste’ predecessor, making it ideal for even the most unruly hair types. ‘White Velvet’ is an extremely versatile product, offering users a reworkable styler perfect for straight, coarse, and curly hair.

Ladened with a host of all-natural oils and waxes, ‘White Velvet’ ensures a nourished look that lasts all day. 

Statum “Shipwrecked” Sea Salt Spray

  • Weightless Texture and Volume
  • All Hair Types
  • Unisex

Pull off effortlessly chic, undone hair with our “Shipwrecked” texture mist. We have infused our Sea Salt spray with 100% natural sea kelp, Aloe Vera juice, and hydrolyzed quinoa to combat the dryness so many salt sprays leave behind. Simply spritz damp hair from root to tip for the perfect “just left the beach” look.

Statum R3 Vitamin Infused Argan Oil

  • Repairs and restores natural oils lost in treatment
  • Creates a sleek look by repairing frays 
  • Vitamin infused for optimal restoration 

R3 is a multipurpose repair serum with a variety of uses. Whether you need a deep treatment, leave-in conditioner, or a few drops to tame strays, R3 has you covered. We have combined the perfect blend of vitamins, proteins, and essential fatty acids to ensure your hair regains the natural luster you desire.  

Plus, stay tuned for Blake’s skincare and fragrance line! will be there to show you the evolution of Statum Style. Thank you to Blake Monar, and for your time. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these one-of-a-kind products.

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