Trendsetter to Know: Eva Louis

Name: Eva Louis

Company & Title: President / Filmmaker-Consultant / Chronic Behavior LLC.

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City you live in: Phoenix, AZ

Current job/Employer: Entrepreneur-Filmmaker-Consultant / Chronic Behavior LLC

A typical day in my life includes… IT work in Software Asset Management, Marketing, and promotions activity for my projects, associates, and clients, as well as film production work in editing, filming and creating content.

I was born… in Laredo, TX

My favorite thing about my city… is the energy and all the creativity.

I’m currently listening to… Going Down on the Mic Podcast and The Darnell Autry Show Podcast.

My family… physically is not here, but we’re together virtually from all over the United States. My mom and dad live in Kansas and run a farm. My daughter works in commercial IT and just launched her online retail business and my son works in healthcare IT managing and overseeing laboratory systems software.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Vincent Van Gogh.

One thing I cannot live without is… sunlight and I need lots of it.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a singer.

I’m inspired by… my kids.

The one person who motivates me is… my business partner because of our desire to create.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… taking away and eliminating diseases especially cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The perfect day would be… filming another feature film.

My first job was… babysitting a neighbor’s family.

My favorite escape… is to Redondo Beach, California.

My life… is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m currently working on… film productions for three short films and a feature film.

Always… learn something new every day.

Never… compromise who you are to make someone else happy, be true to yourself.

Favorite quote: “In life, everything is about sales and everyday life is a test.”

My biggest dream is… having my own broadcast network to produce quality content.

My pet peeve(s)… is when people complain or don’t try to realize their dreams.

More About Eva Louis:
Eva Louis is a film director, producer, writer, and actor known for her work in the local film community with several short films, feature films as well as projects that are planned for release. She has specialized in social media, marketing, and promotions of artists and individuals in film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment. Eva works with several film festival systems including the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival, where she is a co-founder of, as well as entertainment platforms with evolving connections in the industry nationwide. In addition to her work in film and marketing, Eva works with Phoenix Fashion Week, she is also on the board of directors for Arizona Apparel Foundation (non-profit), and she does personal and business coaching through individual and group services.

Eva Louis graduated in 1992 with a BS Degree in Business Management with additional studies in electrical engineering, accounting, purchasing, and entrepreneurship. She is certified in DFSS Six Sigma, Advanced Software Manager Certifications, ITIL v3 and v4 Certifications, KCS v6 Foundations, and also has IT Services Mgmt expertise. Her career experience includes work with regional and fortune 100 global enterprise organizations as well as small business ownership. Recognized as a thought leader with a reputation for delivering quality results and exceptional services.

Quote: “In a few words…my life mission is the edification of others with positive encouragement to show them what is possible. Quite simply it is what I was born to do and I am fulfilled in doing this every day. The most commonly asked question I receive is – “when or do you sleep?” My honest answer is I do and I sleep very well because virtually there is never a wasted moment.” ~ Eva.

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