Wakeup Your Workout with SLT

You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had!

When was the last time you worked out in a totally different way? I’ve been stepping out of my yoga comfort zone lately, jumping from new class to new class, and it feels great! Well, actually, it hurts a little. I’m discovering some muscles I didn’t even know I had… but it’s definitely waking up my workout.

I found a few of those new muscles in SLT – that’s short for Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone, a Pilates spin-off created by Chelsea, the founder, owner and one woman show behind Pivot Pilates in Arcadia. And the hour-long class did just that. A combo of Pilates, barre and strength training, we worked with weights, Pilates props, the ballet bar and our own body weight to strengthen, lengthen and tone the entire body.

Chelsea Smith026
Chelsea, the founder/owner of Pivot Pilates

Chelsea’s background is in dance. She’s been in ballet since she was a wee one, then went into study dance at ASU, then got certified in Pilates. So she really knows the body – and gave just the right cues to make sure we were all getting the most out of the workout. Crazy how much of a difference a simple pelvic tilt can make. I also love that it’s an all-levels class, with 20-year-olds next to 60-year-olds. And everyone got the workout they needed. My butt and core felt the most burn – just what I need come bikini season. Thanks Chelsea!

And boy will your core get conditioned
And boy will your core get conditioned
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