The Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat (Men & Women!)

this is how my abs are going to look by bikini season!
this is how my abs are going to look by bikini season!
this is how my abs are going to look by bikini season!

Most of us have a trouble spot, that one part of our body that just wants to cling to the fat. For me, it’s my spare tire. It’s the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it. It’s time to lose my slightly roly poly middle once and for all (good riddance!), but rather than just do situp after situp, which hasn’t gotten me anywhere, I decided to go to Garrett Shinoskie, Director of Athletic Performance at Zone Athletic Performance in Scottsdale. He’s whipped many a client into six-pack shape. Here are his midsection-melting secrets (…some of them will surprise you).

Tips to Lose Love Handles/ Belly Bulge
The New Year is here… time to wake up from your holiday food coma and get back into the gym. It’s time to get your sexy back and lose that full-sized spare tire you have hanging around your waist. But before you start doing hours of crunches and sit-ups, here are a few tips to help guarantee your success for getting back into your skinny jeans.

Clean up your diet. Diet is the most crucial component to losing body fat, especially around your midsection. First, you must clean up your diet by incorporating whole food sources of carbs, protein, and fats. This can be accomplished simply by shopping the perimeter of your local grocery store. This is where you’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats. By simply making smarter food choices, you should be able to maintain a healthy level of body fat all year long.

Walk for 30-45 min on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. While you sleep, your body utilizes a higher percentage of calories from fat, and you can compound the benefits of your body’s natural fat burning efficiency by walking at a moderate pace before you eat breakfast. Simply walking 30-45 minutes on an empty stomach can net you 1-2% body fat loss in 4 weeks.

Add strength training to your workout routine. Strength training provides a higher metabolic stimulus than cardio alone. Studies have shown that strength training increases your metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after your workout.  Try incorporating weights into your workout routine at least 3 times per week. Don’t be afraid of a little muscle!

Include supplements in your diet like cinnamon and high quality fish oil. These supplements help manage your insulin levels and your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Insulin can be a powerful ally in achieving a slimmer sexier waistline, if managed properly, but it can also lead to a slew of health problems if it’s not kept in check.  Add these two supplements to your daily diet to help keep your insulin in balance.


Garrett Shinoskie from Zone Athletic Performance
Garrett Shinoskie from Zone Athletic Performance
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