Stress-Busting Healthy Habits to Try

So, in case you missed it, this week is “Healthy Habits” week! So far, everyone from yogis to nutritionists to health-minded readers have shared their healthy habits. I’m getting seriously inspired. Today I went for a long bike ride, did an amazing poolside yoga class at The Hermosa Inn (thanks Maren for the expert guidance!), and I’m currently eating a farm-fresh salad with figs and goat cheese. And the infectious love continues today with 4 healthy confessionals that’ll help you look good and feel good (psst: SCROLL DOWN TO WIN!)….

Variety is the spice of life
It’s hard to limit to one healthy habit. You have to do it all! For me, it’s a mix of running, weight training, yoga… and I love indoor spinning! The key is to find something you love doing. And then, it’s not a chore to workout, its fun. As much as possible, I try to recruit friends. The way I see it, I want to spend time with my friends; I can either workout with them… or do something I may regret later. So, why not just sweat together?
~Jordan Levine, Runner, Yoga Instructor, Spin Teacher

Jordan Levine
Jordan Levine

The feel-good list
In the past, I spent too much time basing my day’s mood on external happenings, allowing the level of my happiness and joy to be determined by events outside of myself. I now understand creating happiness and joy is my responsibility, which I do with my “feel good list:” music, exercise, coffee, hot showers, sunshine, mediation, yoga, and more. Once you get into your feel-good space, everything else is gravy.
~Maya Nahra, RD, LD, Behavioral Nutrition Expert, Founder of My Intentful Life

Maya Nahra, RD, LD
Maya Nahra, RD, LD

Keep it simple
I try to live my life as one big healthy habit, but I know when I keep my eating in check, I just feel so much more energetic and productive. My day begins with 5-10 minutes of quiet visualization. I chose from a variety of salads for lunch, of which Kale salad is my absolute favorite. I love to drink coconut water for its unbelievable health benefits and ensure that I’m constantly drinking water during my day. I always end my day with reading a book, usually on philosophy and keep the television off!
~Amen Iseghohi, Owner of Amenzone Fitness

Amen training with his trademark tires
Amen training with his trademark tires

Morning meditation
My healthiest habit is a 4:30am meditational prayer. I have a Zen room in my home filled with candles, soft comfy sofas and glass doors that I decorated for myself last Mother’s Day. I sit cross-legged on the sofa able to see the sun rise in my backyard. I put on some classical music, turn it down really low so it’s more like background music and close my eyes. I decompress, and thank God for being six feet above ground. It keeps me grounded and clear-headed. I begin with a slow chant of the words Hallelujah over and over and over again until I can’t talk anymore, just pray. It also allows me to get out of my head and totally relax. Usually about 30-45 minutes later I open my eyes, watch the sunrise, take a deep cleansing breath and get ready to teach the 6am Insanity class.
~Dyanna Wooten, Owner of Fitness Waves in Ahwatukee

Dyanna doing Insanity!
Dyanna doing Insanity!

Win a one-month membership at Amenzone Fitness – either at the North Scottsdale location or the new Fountain hills location opening at the end of the month. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us your healthiest habit. The winner will be selected Monday April 1st and notified by email. Can’t wait to hear about your healthy habits!

  1. I did their workout at the Montelucia a few weeks ago it was awesome!! I’m a true gym rat I have been at Lifetime in scottsdale for 6 years and AmenZone is the first workout that I have done that has made me want to quit my gym.

  2. I have watched my beautiful friend go to amen zone all the time and try’s to encourage me it has been in the last few months that I’ve seen the amazing transformation and not only body but mind and spirit she has become an inspiration. She is truly what the struggle with weight loss is for many women and I too want that type of encouragement and strength. Amen zone has been her foundation and I want to get myself solid again for myself and my family and most of all my amazing husband who supports all I do. Plus my health is not the best and it is time for change I’m ready for that change.

  3. I have trained at multiple different gyms getting but NONE of them provided the experience I had at amenZone!!

  4. My healthiest habit is meal planning! I make it a point to create a meal plan every week to ensure that everything I’m putting into my body is not only nutrient dense and real but also easily accessible and convenient. I spend a couple of hours every Sunday roasting up a giant batch of vegetables and prepping/chopping/cooking for the week so that healthy eating is just as convenient as fast food, but so much healthier!

  5. My healthiest habit is taking the time to realize how fortunate I am to have love and kindness in my life. It’s been a rough couple of years, but knowing kindred spirits and peaceful hearts are supporting my journey every moment creates both health and abundance in my heart. #namaste

  6. I travel weekly so I am never without my food bag filled with cut up veggies, fruit, raw nuts and Isalean shakes and bars!

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