Make Every Workout a Better Butt Workout

My friend Deb has the perfect butt. It’s high. It’s mighty. It defies gravity. BTW Deb is 49. My butt is nowhere near as perky, but no matter what the calorie-burner, my inner voice is chanting: Please make my butt look like Deb’s. Unfortunately, we can’t all have the genetics or willpower of Deb, but we can build a better booty. To find out how, I went to Scott White of Personal Power Training, a trainer with an unbelievable passion for what he does. So whether you’re downward dogging or climbing Camelback, here are Scott’s tips to building a Deb-riffic backside.

Best way to get a better butt when you’re…
Running – Sprints. Short, high-speed bursts on an incline shed the most fat to turn those flabby buttocks into a tight, toned machine. The high intensity is much better for developing the glutes. Just take a gander at Olympic sprinters–they all have great behinds.

– Yoga can really give your rectus femoris and hip flexors a great stretch and aid in correcting your posture so glutes can fire properly. There are also a few poses that can really get your glutes working: one-legged downward dog, warrior I, II and III, crescent moon, bound side angle, bridge pose, locust A.

Weight training
– This is the big bang for your booty. Lifting in the 8-12 rep range is best for building tight buns. The best butt exercises are: squats, single leg squats, hip extensions, kettle bell swings, lunges done correctly and Bulgarian squats. Weight training makes it easy to increase resistance over time, so you can really build the perfect butt.

– Find a bootcamp class where they make you sweat, teach you to eat right and get you doing a lot of squats and sprints; movements that keep your body fat down so your rump is built right and tight.

– Find some nice high rocks to step up on. Really focus on driving with your heal and extending up through your leg to engage your glutes.

– Short sprints in the pool and lots of paddleboard kicks will help develop the butt. Keep kicking hard and fast and be sure to focus on those buns.

– Get your core working properly (level your pelvis!) and check your gait to be sure you have perfect walking form (ears, shoulders, hips, knee, and ankles should be directly under each other) and every step will fire your behind.

Cardio class
– Make sure you choose a class that gets you to squat, lunge correctly and jump explosively. All these movements will turn your rump into a hard, round masterpiece.

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