Five Workout Classes to Try at Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness is one of the most luxurious gyms in the Valley, offering a plethora of classes and gym options to choose from.  With over 80 Group Fitness classes each week, there is a fitness class for everyone.  If you’re trying to find that perfect class for you, featured below are some of the must-try classes at Mountainside Fitness.

Below are five of the top classes offered at the various Mountainside Fitness locations throughout the Valley.  A membership at Mountainside Fitness will give you the chance to try these classes and decide which workout best suits you.  These are only a few of the many classes to try!

1. Yoga

For those who enjoy a peaceful and relaxing workout, a nice yoga class to channel your inner harmony could be the perfect class for you.  Find your inner peace as you master the art of proper breathing and flexibility.


2. Tabata

If done correctly, this four minute interval oriented workout should be done at your maximum effort.  This high intensity interval training is designed to help burn the maximal calories.

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3. Spin

Spin classes are a favorite to many, with fun music playing as you bike at your own speed with other class members.  If you’re feeling good, you can bike harder and faster, while if you need a break you can slow down to your own pace without it being noticeable or a big deal to other class members.


4.  Zumba

Perhaps one of the most fun workouts out there, Zumba will get you moving and grooving as you burn calories.  You don’t have to be a good dancer!  It’s all about dancing and moving as much as possible.


5.  Kickboxing

If you’re feeling like getting some anger out while simultaneously burning calories, kickboxing could be the class of choice for you.  Practice your kicks and punches in the air, getting in prime shape along the way.


For more information, visit Mountainside Fitness’s website.

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