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Out with the old, in with the new. I’m taking this expression literally this year. One of my fitness resolutions is to try as many new calorie-burners as possible. Workout boredom is a major reason people let their training go to the wayside, so I dug up some not-so common classes and calorie-burners—all available in the Valley—so we can all make 2013 our best fitness year yet!

1. Cardio Tennis
A new spin on an old favorite, Cardio Tennis combines tennis drills (and sometimes music and a heart-rate monitor) to get your heart-rate and adrenalin racing. And the best part is you’ll be having so much fun tapping into your inner Maria Sharapova you won’t even notice that you’re burning some serious calories. Both newcomers and tennis pros welcome.
Try it: La Camarilla Racquet, Fitness and Swim Club

2. Capoeira
A mix of dance and defense, capoeira puts a new spin on martial arts—literally. It looks like a mix of break dancing and ballet (picture handstands, split kicks and clapping). First developed by African slaves in Brazil who were trying to disguise self-defense as dance, it teaches agility, flexibility and self-defense for a full body workout.
Try it: Capoeira Brasil Arizona

3. Sand volleyball
Regardless of your skill level, sand volleyball is a great way to stay fit and have fun. And even though Scottsdale isn’t exactly California, there are plenty of local parks that offer leagues. For novices, start with a four-man team, and once you’ve perfected your serve and spike, downsize to two. The less people on the court, the more calories you burn. And all that jumping in the sand will more than sculpt your legs and butt. What a workout!
Try it: City of Scottsdale
Sand Sports Beach Volleyball

4. Boxing
You’ve seen Rocky, right? Then you know there’s more to boxing than jabs and upper cuts. It builds strength, agility, stamina and confidence—and it’s one heck of a workout. Just 20 minutes of sparring burns 200 calories.
Try it: Busted Knuckle Boxing

5. Stand-up Paddleboarding
Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP, for short) is super versatile. You can Zen-out on a leisurely paddle or burn some serious calories on a strenuous paddle. Either way, you’ll build balance and work your core. But the board goes beyond just paddling – there’s SUP yoga or go bootcamp-style with crunches, squats and pushups while balancing for a killer ab workout.
Try it: Tempe Town Lake

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