Party’s Over, Time to Detox!

Where the Bliss begins at W Scottsdale

For me, the holidays were a bit of a Champagne-induced blur. And even though I’ve long set my flute down, I’m still feeling the after-effects. Let’s call it my lingering holiday hangover. Thankfully, you don’t have to go on a 10-day juice fast or a sweat-fueled exercise bender to detox; you just have to go to your favorite Valley spa. They’ve got re-energizing wraps, renewing mud treatments and plenty of refreshing extras. Here’s a rundown…

1. Fatgirlslim body treatment
Bliss Spa at W Scottsdale
75 min $155
Haven’t lost all those extra holiday pounds yet? Yes, Spanx can suck in your silhouette, but what happens when the Spanx comes off? The answer: Fatgirlslim. This body-toning treatment does in 75 minutes what you could never do in the gym in the same time. The dry brush detoxifies, the grapefruit essential oil firms and the seaweed mask tames trouble spots. But the true piece de resistance is the waist-targeting rubdown with Bliss’ very own Love Handler followed by an application of their famed skim-firming Fatgirlslim.
Detox bonus: The swank spa boutique is full of detox helpers, like David Kirsch’s Ultimate Detox Kit and the Fatgirlslim Lean Machine.

Where the Bliss begins at W Scottsdale
Where the Bliss begins at W Scottsdale

2. Sedona Earth Clay Body Mask
The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale
80 minutes $220
Clay is to detox what Perez Hilton is to celebrity gossip: a dirty and necessary staple. Thankfully, the Four Seasons elevates getting dirty to a whole new level of chi-chi with their Sedona Earth Clay Body Mask. Here’s how the 80 minutes unfolds: after a light exfoliation to open up your pores, you’re then slathered in iron-rich Sedona clay, a super detoxer that sucks out impurities and re-mineralizes the skin for a smooth finish.
Detox bonus: Don’t skip the sauna and steam room, a double dose of detox that helps open the pores to remove impurities.

Oh-la-la at the Spa at Four Seasons Scottsdale
Oh-la-la at the Spa at Four Seasons Scottsdale

3. Purification Ritual
Well & Being at Willow Stream at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
90 minute $269
More than a treatment, the Purification Ritual is 90 minutes of total detox indulgence. It starts with a vigorous exfoliation followed by a clay and coffee mud wrap to boost circulation and minimize the appearance of cellulite. And it’s not just your body that gets the royal treatment – your face gets lots of love too, including an oat polish and hydrating aloe & prickly pear mask. The icing on the cake: a scalp massage and hair conditioning.
Detox bonus: Your spa treatment gives you access to all the fit extras at this new and improved rejuvenating sanctuary. Sweat it out in one of the cutting-edge classes: TRX, CrossFit, Crank Cycle, Rip Surfer and aerial yoga.

Yoga & Pilates room at Well & Being
Yoga & Pilates room at Well & Being

4. Lymphatic Massage
Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort
50 minute $140-150; 80 minute $200-$210
Lymphatic massage doesn’t get nearly the play it deserves. A lighter kind of massage, it stimulates your lymphatic system (aka: the detox highway of the body) to remove excess fluids and toxins. During the massage, light, wavelight repetitive strokes work to activate the body’s immune system and boost circulation for head-to-toe detox.
Detox bonus: Arrive early for the Eucalyptus Steam Room. The moist heat increases circulation and unclogs pores.

Villa Fiore at Alvadora Spa
Villa Fiore at Alvadora Spa

5. The Hammam Experience
Joya Spa at Montelucia Resort & Spa
The Hammam Experience, a signature at Joya, takes a cue from Turkish bath houses. A therapist starts by prepping your skin with herbal black olive charcoal soap applied with a Kassa cloth to draw out dirt and unclog pores. Your body is then treated to a combo of heat and cold as you go from steam to whirlpool to sauna to cold deluge. The finale happens in the exclusive warming room where you’ll lounge while you detox in bliss.
Detox bonus: The hot-cold circuit, an age-old detoxer that’s said to reduce inflammation and boost immunity, is available to all spa guests.

Star room at Joya
Star room at Joya

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