Just Let It Go! How to start the year fresh

Do you have trouble letting go of things? I do. A snide remark, an inconsiderate comment, a snippy email will ring in my ears for days. “JUST LET IT GO” plays repeatedly in my head, but I haven’t totally figured out how to do it. Yoga helps, breathing helps, but time is the only eraser for me… so far.

This past week, every yoga class I went to waxed poetic about this very topic. Letting go of what’s not serving you is big in yoga… and even bigger with the year change. Which got me thinking: why don’t I ask some of my favorite yogis how they do it. I know letting go isn’t a one-size-fits-all kinda thing, but I know their words of wisdom will steer us all in the right direction. So, whatever you’re clinging to—could be stuff, negative feelings, toxic relationships, even regret—here’s how to let it all go in 2013:

Yoga instructor Beri Golding on letting go…
In order to let go of what is no longer serving me, I find it helps to identity whatever it is that casts a shadow over my inner sparkle: Insecurities, fear, ego, the poo poo platter of mind-weeds that create chaos and run interference in the blossoming of us becoming our best versions of ourselves. So once we identify what disrupts our connection to our soul’s deepest desires then we can release it. I picture myself in a forward fold, and tell myself my skull is softly releasing to the top of my head and I picture those shadows literally dumping out of my mind.
on starting fresh
In order to start the New Year fresh, my approach is inspired by my wise daughter (she’s 14 months tomorrow). Her pure mind doesn’t know the difference between a new year or new day—every morning she wakes up with so much enthusiasm, it’s amazing. One of her favorite rituals is opening the blinds; the smile on her face when the light shines through makes my heart so happy. I’m looking forward to welcoming 2013 and experiencing it through the eyes of my beautiful baby girl, with deep appreciation for all of the miracles that surround us.

Yoga instructor Jenn Chiarelli on letting go…
For me, it’s shifting my energy to focus on the things that I want to see manifest in my life, not focusing on the things that I don’t want. We attract what we think about most, so visualize exactly what you want/need and leave room for the extraordinary.
on starting fresh
I start the New Year by journaling about all the amazing things that happened in 2012, everything I’m grateful for. Then I set intentions for my year ahead. Finally, I quiet my mind with meditation to unite deeply with myself. A fresh start doesn’t have to be on New Year’s Day, it can be any day that you decide to leave the past in the past and focus on the here and now. Plus a good hot, cleansing yoga class is always a way to start fresh.

Rebecca Fritz, owner of Sutra Midtown yoga, on letting go…
Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is an ongoing process that we work on every day of our lives. Surrendering to the flow of energy that surrounds us, whether positive or negative, is a coice that we all have to be mindful of throughout our day. Once you realize there is something in your life that doesn’t serve you, recognize it, acknowledge it, and let it go with peace and love.
on starting fresh
Starting the New Year fresh is simply a matter of mindset. This new fresh year will require working on your inner self in order to create and maintain new habits and eventually a whole new life.

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