4 Ways To Find More “Me-Time” During The Holidays

Turn gift-wrapping into an exercise in me-time
How to carve out more holiday me-time

The hectic holiday season is officially in full swing. Yes, it’s a Jolly time, but it can also be super busy and stressful – and when I don’t have enough me-time, I turn into a cranky Claus. And I’m not alone: During the most hectic of times, we actually need more time to recharge. So before your to-do list reaches North Pole heights and your inner cranky Claus comes out, try these me-time strategies…

1. Book a spa treatment
Don’t forget to put YOU on your gift list. My gift to myself: I booked an 80-minute Arnica Hot Towel Massage at Joya Spa at the Montelucia – and boy was I glad I did! It was 80 minutes of muscle-melting, stress-melting heaven. BTW Arnica is an herb and a homeopathic treatment for muscle soreness that has anti-inflammatory properties. The therapist first coated my body in therapeutic oil made of arnica, sage, lavender and spearmint, which she then topped with steaming hot towels (to fire up the healing powers of the oils). Next came the best part: I was massaged from head to toe with an arnica-infused cream. Priceless! Joya has a full roster of winter-licous treatments to choose from. Next on my wish list: the Citrus Drench Body Treatment.


2. Go for a head-clearing hike
I love getting out for a hike this time of year – especially solo. It not only recharges my body, it recharges my brain. I don’t listen to music, I tune into me. Hiking always wipes my mental slate clean; something about the fresh air and scenery that puts me in prime problem solving mode.

3. Bake yourself some me-time
I love to bake. I find the repetitive actions of stirring, whisking and scooping out cookie dough a super therapeutic process. I crank up the holiday tunes and get lost in the process. Baking can soothe the soul!

4. Turn gift-wrapping into therapy
Yes, even gift-wrapping can be an exercise in me-time. I do all my gift wrapping in one night: I put on my fave holiday movie (Love Actually!) and wrap while I sip wine. It’s turned into one of my fave holiday customs. So stop thinking of gift-wrapping a must-do chore, and start thinking of it as a reassuring ritual.

Turn gift-wrapping into an exercise in me-time
Turn gift-wrapping into an exercise in me-time
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