4 Tips to Jumpstart Your Spring Detox

When you think spring detox, you usually think diet, but food is just one piece of the detox puzzle. Sierra Ramm, the Yoga & Movement Supervisor at Well & Being at Willow Stream, a rejuvenating sanctuary within the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, follows a much more holistic approach that includes realigning her energy and setting time aside to get pampered (yes please!). Here’s Sierra’s 4-part plan:

1) Cleanse – Once the weather starts warming up in Scottsdale, I do a simple diet cleanse for 3-5 days where I eliminate caffeine, alcohol, starches and sugars. Instead, I consume vegetable and fruit juices, whole grains, nuts and legumes, vegetable broth and fresh produce. This is like hitting a ‘reset’ button, purging out toxins in my body and sending a message to my brain that it’s time to clean house and start fresh for the season. I might feel a little ‘icky’ for a day or two, but this is just all the junk releasing from my system.

2) Holistic Tune-Up – I visit our in-house Acupuncturist, Tammy Mullins, for the Traditional Chinese Medicine 90-minute treatment. She provides cupping, acupuncture, acupressure and energy work to relieve stagnation and get the chi flowing through my body for optimal performance. Tammy also takes a look at my vitamins and supplements and makes suggestions to help the seasonal transition.

3) Get Moving – I also ramp-up my exercise routine, adding in more cardio, especially outdoor activities like walking, jogging, hiking, playing tennis and practicing yoga with my feet in the grass. Not only is the fresh air invigorating, I get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and feel-good sunshine.

4) Pamper – As simple as it sounds, it also feels really good to just take care of yourself. I spend time in the Well & Being steam and sauna, as well as the hot whirlpool to warm up my core temperature. I also sit quietly in meditation in our eucalyptus inhalation room. Ahhhhhhh!

Sierra Ramm, Yoga & Movement Supervisor/Instructor
Sierra Ramm, Yoga & Movement Supervisor/Instructor

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