How to Stop Pigging Out After You Workout

Squash sugar cravings
Post workout hunger can be a beast... time to tame it
Post workout hunger can be a beast… time to tame it

Have a mentioned that I’m a magazine junkie? For my outta town adventure to L’Auberge de Sedona, I picked up a few read-by-the-pool publications, including Fitness Magazine. Later, lounging by the pool, I flipped past the standard beauty and fitness tips, until an article stopped dead in my tracks: “Why Do You Pig Out After You Work Out?” I DO THAT! Post-yoga, post-Pilates, post-anything I eat. A lot. After a 3-hour sand volleyball session, I’ve been known to down a whole pizza… and more. That’s because I’m starving. The more I have on my workout plate, the more I put on my plate – and it turns out I’m not the only one.

The article mentioned a Louisiana State University study, where dieters who worked out a ton didn’t lose the weight they expected to. One of the reasons: exercise can make you overcompensate with food. Now for the good news: there are eating strategies that will keep you from stuffing your face when you get home from the gym…

There are strategies that can keep you from being that girl
There are strategies that can keep you from being that girl

Don’t use food as reward – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve allowed myself a cheat eat because of a workout well done – A pat on the back and a pizza!  The problem is you can end up eating more calories than you burned. Take-home tip: Opt for calorie-free rewards instead.

Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat – That’s when we tend to overeat. Tide-me-over snacks can take the edge off and keep you from overeating later. Take-home tip: Don’t leave home without a healthy snack.

Don’t confuse thirst with hunger – All that sweating can leave you dehydrated, especially in the desert. And mild dehydration can be confused with hunger (it can even confuse the brain). Take-home tip: Sip water throughout the day to avoid a bloated belly.

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