Change Your Life and Change Your Blood Pressure Medications

In a study done at the American Heart Association’s Joint Hypertension researches found men and women with high blood pressure reduced the need for Antihypertensive medications within 16 weeks after making lifestyle changes.  The study’s author, Alan Hinderliter, M.D. associate professor of medicine at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill notes:  “Lifestyle modifications, including healthier eating and regular exercise, can greatly decrease the number of patients who need blood pressure-lowering medicine”. 

In this this study participants were assigned to one of three 16-week interventions.  One group changed their diets and took part in a weight management program and worked out 3 x’s a week.  The group followed the DASH plan.   The DASH plan emphasizes fruits, veggies, and low-fat dairy while eating minimal red meat, salts and sweets.  The second group only changed their eating to the DASH plan.  The third group didn’t change anything. 

The results:  Group one lost an average of 19 lbs. and had reduced blood pressure by an average of 16 mm Hg systolic and 10 mmHg diastolic with 8% being off their medication completely.  Those that only changed their eating decreased an average of 11-systolic/8 diastolic mm HG.  The third group that did not change anything had a decline of an average of 3/4. 

As you can clearly see, it’s never too late to live a healthier life.  This is especially true for those that may be on blood pressure medication(s) or are at risk.  As always, consult with your physician first, but if you’re looking for just one more reason why you should start to exercise and eat healthier, here you go.  This may be just one more “feather in the cap” to help you stay on point with your New Year’s Resolution of losing weight, getting more fit, getting to the gym more or whatever it may be. 

Scott Keppel is the owner of Scott’s Training Systems, a world-class coaching facility in Chandler, Arizona. He is a nationally certified trainer through NASM and ISSA. His mission is to empower women of all ages and fitness levels. For more information head to or check him out on Instagram at @stsnation.

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