The Healthiest Food Trucks in Phoenix

Are you a little confused by “Healthy Food Truck”? I can see why. Mobile eats are notoriously deep fried and covered in cheese… but not these three. All are ridiculously healthy (not just one item, I’m talking the whole menu); all bring something different to the table (from green smoothies to Vegan Toaster Waffles); and all are tasty to boot. Where to find ‘em: They’re always on the move, so best to visit their website to track ’em down. What to order: I also touched base with the trucks’ owners for the inside scoop on their top menu items. Beware: their answers will make you hungry…

MOJO BOWL Fuel food for energy
You can’t talk about Mojo Bowl without talking about Scott Schraml. Scott entered his first triathlon 30 pounds overweight without even knowing how to swim! He’s since competed in and finished 4 Ironman triathlons and numerous shorter distance triathlons – and totally overhauled his eating. Mojo’s menu is a testament to Scott’s transformation – a healthy smorgasbord of super smoothies and super salads made of superfoods, perfect as a healthy lunch or post-workout snack. Just look for the big yellow truck. Top seller: Our top sellers include our Green Monster smoothie and our Red White & Kale salad. People love our Green Monster because 1) it’s yummy, 2) for 24 oz it’s only about 450 calories which isn’t much, and 3) all natural ingredients including greens (spinach)…so it’s good three ways! The Red White & Kale salad is also yummy and nutritious. Quinoa is full of B vitamins and kale is high in vitamins A, K and C. Combine Quinoa and Kale together and it’s something special…and our customers seem to agree. Find ’em: Food Truck Friday at the PHX Public Market & Saturday at the PHX Public Market.

Scott Schraml MOJO BOWL(1)
Yes please!

UPROOTED KITCHEN – Veggie yumminess on wheels
This is not your ordinary food truck, starting with the truck itself. The meals on wheels are served out of a 1968 Avion (looks like and Airstream travel trailer). Even more shocking, they serve up almost all vegan cuisine (gasp!) and all produce is organic – no exception! We can thank husband and wife duo Erin and Chad Romanoff for this veg-centric vehicle: Chad, an occupational therapist, brings a wealth of health knowledge; Erin, a pastry chef, makes almost everything from scratch. Put ’em together and you get Quinoa Breakfast Bowls, Vegan Toaster Waffles, Southwestern Kale salad and Veggie sushi. Top seller: Our cheese crisp almost always sells out. We offer it with organic mozzarella or vegan cheese (DAIYA). I think it’s so popular because it’s such a comforting dish… warm and gooey (but we actually put very little cheese on it). Each week we highlight about 5-6 ingredients in each cheese crisp, usually using sweet and spicy flavors (my favorite).  Customers always look forward to finding out what will be in the cheese crisp this week. And it always comes with a side of greens. Find ’em: Food Truck Friday at the PHX Public Market & Saturday at the Gilbert Farmers Market.

UK menu
just look at this menu… are you drooling?

MANTRA JUICERYFresh Cold Pressed Juice – 100% Raw & Unpasturized
Mantra Juicery is more than just a healthy food truck. Yes, they spend time with their heads stuck out the window dishing out shots of green juice, but it’s also a vehicle (pun intended) to create health and wellness though the practice of juicing and education. David Moss, the man behind Mantra, talks the talk and walks the walk. His motto: “A juice a day keeps the doctor away.” They serve up five different types of juice ranging from green juice to strawberry blends (Sweet Tantra is made from strawberry, red apple & lime), plus homemade almond milk, green smoothies, hemp protein shakes and wheatgrass shots! Most of their produce comes from local Arizona farms – all pesticide free! Top seller: Mantra Green’ is our top selling juice. It’s made from hydraulically pressed kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, red apple & lemon. This juice definitely keeps the doctor away! It helps to create an alkaline bloodstream in which bacteria cannot exist. Find ’em: Saturday at the PHX Public Market.

Mantra Trailer
Delicious cold-pressed juice awaits you!

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